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Expect More Of This If Trump Wins Nomination


Below is an ad put out by the anti-Donald Trump Our Principles PAC. Women read things Donald Trump has said over the years about other women. Each quote is accompanied by the news outlet that reported it. “This is how Trump…

Mosque With Terrorist Ties Visited By Obama Also Practices Discrimination Against Women And Girls

girls at mosque

I won’t hold my breath waiting for America’s most vocal feminists to denounce President Obama’s visit to a mosque that discriminates against women. (And I certainly won’t hold my breath waiting to hear liberals complain about how the mosque has…

A Tale Of Two Staffers

sasha malia

Here’s something that I’m sure is going to just shock you. Just kidding. It’s not at all surprising that the media is giving a pass to a Democrat staffer who sexually assaults women while holding a Republican staffer’s feet to…