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A Tale Of Two Staffers

sasha malia

Here’s something that I’m sure is going to just shock you. Just kidding. It’s not at all surprising that the media is giving a pass to a Democrat staffer who sexually assaults women while holding a Republican staffer’s feet to…

Wishful Thinking, Dem Senator Calls Republican Women An ‘Endangered Species’


Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) engaged in some wishful thinking on Wednesday at the annual Shad Planking event in Virginia. Those were special times, but there’s nothing like Shad Planking. Now its my fourth time I’ve had the opportunity to be the speaker, of course looking at this crowd I realize I’m here as an endangered species, a Virginia Democrat. Looking around the crowd, that’s kinda like Republican Women here as well, not many of either one of us. In the video below you can hear the women in the crowd yell out to prove him wrong. Obviously Warner…