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Here Are Some Stats For You


From Maggie’s Notebook, on immigration: As you read, keep in mind that the PEW Research estimates the U.S. will have 6.2 MILLION Muslims in the U.S. by 2030. The Federal Census says 100,000 Muslims arrive annually in the U.S., BUT,…

Coming Soon To A Prison Near You – Gitmo Detainees

Guantanamo Sept. 11 Trial

President Obama promised to close down Guantanamo Bay, and that’s one promise he intends to keep before he leaves office. His plan for closing down the prison for terrorists is reportedly coming soon, so it probably won’t be long until…

Fundamental Transformation

The Joke's on You! (AP Photo)

Remember when President Obama promised to fundamentally transform the United States of America? I’m wondering how long it will be until we no longer recognize our country. We’re all well aware of the massive expansion of the welfare state, the skyrocketing…