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Cuomo Gets His Way On NY Budget, What Could Go Wrong?


The Republican Party in New York State is pretty much useless. Although they maintain control of the state senate they still gave Governor Andrew Cuomo pretty much everything he wanted in the latest budget in exchange for a few little tax…

Trump Bashes Scott Walker For Not Raising Taxes


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker endorsed Ted Cruz today for president, just in time for his state’s primary next week. Walker dropped out of the race early, and encouraged others to do the same to narrow the field, but his plea…

Now Obama Wants A Carbon Tax On Oil


I guess President Obama doesn’t like seeing Americans saving money at the pump. He is proposing a carbon tax on oil, as part of a comprehensive transportation proposal. Whenever a Democrat talks about “comprehensive” anything know it will be bad…

Have Your Checked Your Cell Phone Bill Lately?


People who don’t carefully look at their cell phone bills might be surprised to find out how much they’re paying in wireless taxes. There is a 5.82% federal tax and then states and local governments impose taxes on top of…