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Chart: Trump vs. Hillary Scandals


Grabien put together a handy-dandy chart comparing Donald Trump’s scandals with Hillary Clinton’s scandals. They ask which one is more corrupt. It’s hard to tell. Trump’s list is longer, but some of his scandals are more along the lines of “he’s pond…

Clinton Emails Discussed Foreign National CIA Asset

Testy Hillary

Here’s something else for the major news networks and Hillary Clinton’s other supporters to ignore as she barks and coughs her way through the primary campaign. One of the classified email chains discovered on Hillary Clinton’s personal unsecured server discussed…

Another Bad Day For Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Keeping up with the dribbling out of news regarding Hillary Clinton’s email scandal would be a full time job. I already have a job, so here are the latest headlines for you to peruse and catch yourself up. –Clinton sent an…

Bad Week To Be Hillary Clinton

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton isn’t having a very good week. Even Democrats are having trouble defending her now that it’s been revealed that she exclusively used a personal email account for official business while Secretary of State, violating “clear cut” rules. Not…