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Mark Halperin To Ted Cruz: Speak Spanish For Me

halperin cruz

Mark Halperin interviewed Ted Cruz last week for the Bloomberg show “With All Due Respect” and was anything but respectful to the US Senator and presidential hopeful. Ruben Navarrette summed it up, calling it painful, nauseating and uncomfortable: buy tramadol no prescriptionIt…

Democrat Accused Colleague’s Baby Of Racism

baby girl crying

Babies and toddlers are naturally leery of strangers, at least many of them are. It happens all the time, a stranger sees a cute little tot, starts talking and then the little one buries his (or her) head in the parent’s…

Minneapolis Institutes Racial Quotas For Discipline In Public Schools

school desk

The Minneapolis public school system is instituting racial quotas for student discipline after an investigation by the Obama administration. Going forward any discipline imposed on black or Hispanic students will be reviewed by the school superintendent, while discipline of white and…

Report: Racism And Sexism Rampant At New CFPB


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which was created after the Dodd Frank financial reform bill was passed by Democrats, is managed by a bunch of sexist racists, according to a report in The Washington Times. The article describes a hostile…