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So Much For ‘Let’s Move’ - Americans More Obese Than Ever


I guess Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign isn’t going quite according to plan. According to a new survey, Americans are more obese than ever. Maybe it’s because the economy has been so lousy that people can’t afford to eat decent…

Smokers Need Not Apply


This could be a bit of a conundrum for the trial attorneys ready and willing to sue employers for not hiring the unemployed. What if the unemployed applicants are smokers? The Baylor Health Care System has decided that if you…

Sound Familiar? Chavez Urges Venezuelans to Cut Calories


Communist Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez is at it again - railing against capitalism, alcohol, boob jobs and obesity. He’s urging the people to cut calories, because that’s what commie dictators do. They want to control people, right down to every little detail of their lives. Now it’s a suggestion, but how long until healthy eating becomes compulsory?