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Medicaid For Millionaires

Obamacare signing

We can’t cut the Medicaid rolls because it will hurt the neediest among us. That’s what we’re told. We’re also told that the economy is fantastic. But if that was true the welfare rolls wouldn’t be at an all time…

Saturday Funnies


Happy Saturday. I hope you have a great weekend. Today’s funnies were found, as usual, at Liberty Alliance with credit going to Legal Insurrection and Net Right Daily. Enjoy! Or not, considering the subject matter.      

Obamacare Is Imploding


Things just keep getting worse for Obamacare. It’s horrible for consumers. Co-ops are dropping like flies. Now UnitedHealthcare, the largest health insurer in the nation, is considering getting out of the Obamacare exchanges because of heavy losses. This statement in a…

Oregon Obamacare Co-Op Calling It Quits


It’s getting hard to keep up with all of the Obamacare co-ops that are shutting down. One of the two in the state of Oregon just announced it’s calling it quits, and another one in Colorado is doing the same.…