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Obama: Serial Liar


Roger Simon has a great piece on President Obama’s serial lying. In Simon’s view, Obama lies with such ease because he really has no moral code. His progressive worldview is what guides him and is the only code he lives…

The Church of the Marxist Left


Here’s another creepy “Occupy Wherever” video in which the leader speaks and gets the audience to chant his words. It’s like the church of Marxism. The speaker, Professor Richard D. Wolf, is a man who thinks he’s the brilliant one…

Obama’s Hand Picked NLRB Member Craig Becker Argued to Restrain ‘Freedom of Capital’


Congressional Republicans are calling on President Obama to rescind Craig Becker’s National Labor Relations Board nomination after the NLRB went on the attack against Boeing. Becker was first appointed by Obama when congress was out of town. He’s a radical,…