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Now Illegal Immigrants Are Demanding A ‘Bill Of Rights’


The pro-amnesty group called “United We Stay” is demanding a “bill of rights” for illegal immigrants, as if their law breaking bestows upon them special treatment from the rest of us. Their demands include the right to not be called illegal,…

Dem Rep Wants Obamacare to Cover Illegal Immigrants


Representative Luis Guiterrez (D-IL) wants to expand Obamacare eligibility to illegal immigrants. And he’s using the words of Pope Francis to make his point. “The goal is to make integration and inclusion real for millions of families that are locked…

Celebrities Whoop It Up In Cuba While Cuba Plays Obama For A Fool

Hilton, Castro

While Democrats and celebrities celebrated President Obama’s loosening of relations with Cuba, China was shipping illegal weapons to Cuba. The Castro regime is playing Obama for a fool, as IBD pointed out. Even though tourism remains illegal for Americans in Cuba, it doesn’t…