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NYT: Employment Lawsuits For Thee But Not For Me


(This article is reposted from the Competitive Enterprise Institute with Hans Bader’s permission.) The New York Times loves legislation that restricts employment-at-will, and it loves to increase penalties for employers who don’t hire and promote in ways favored by federal…

IRS Wants To Hire 9000 New Workers To Enforce Obamacare

New IRS Logo

The Internal Revenue Service is looking for a budget increase to hire 9,000 new workers to enforce Obamacare. That’s like the size a very large company, and they’re seeking an increase of $2 billion per year. President Obama released his…

304K Initial Jobless Claims

unemployment line

Initial jobless claims beat expectations again, coming in at 304,000. So, does this mean that Fed Chair Janet Yellen is correct, and the Fed’s monetary policy is helping the employment situation? Or could there be another explanation? For all those…

Planned Parenthood Is Hiring

Obama Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is looking for a writer. I think I’ll pass on this “opportunity” which could land me in hell some day. POSITION SCOPE Responsible for writing or reviewing a large volume and variety of material. Makes strategic recommendations about…