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Hackers Obtained Data On Millions Of Federal Workers

US Capitol Building

Hackers, probably from China, were able to breach the files from the Office of Personnel Management and obtain data on millions of current and former federal workers. The Office of Personnel Management announced Thursday that it is investigating a massive…

Clinton Foundation To Keep Accepting Foreign Donations

Chelsea, Bill and Hill

Despite Hillary Clinton’s decision to run for president, her family foundation is going to continue to accept donations from foreign governments. But hey, she’s a Democrat so she’ll get a pass. The board of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation has…

Feds Paid Politico More Than $400K Last Year


Good grief. Last year the federal government paid Politico a whopping $432,000 so various federal agencies could have access to Politico Pro, as if there isn’t plenty of free content on the world wide web they could access for political…

Obama Has To Expand Government To Deal With His Amnesty Onslaught


Good grief. Thanks to President Obama’s amnesty policies the federal government needs to expand even more to deal with the onslaught. The Washington Times has the depressing details: The government expects so many applications for President Obama’s new deportation amnesty…