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Spare Me The Outrage

donald trump

This week week it seems like all anyone has talked about is how Donald Trump said he would temporarily ban Muslim immigration to the United States until the inept federal government gets a handle on things. You would think he…

Atmos Energy Email Scam

Atmos Energy

This morning I received an email in my personal account from Atmos Energy telling me my bill for $98.90 is now available and can be viewed online. The email included an account number and links to click to sign in…

Dem Rep Quotes Fake News Report To Bash Republicans

Carolyn Maloney

Apparently Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney doesn’t recognize satire when she sees it. She actually quoted a fake news story at a House committee hearing, calling it a “distinguished” report. Rep. Carolyn Maloney, while calling it her own “distinguished comedic think…