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‘The Unpopularity Contest We Deserve’

donald hillary

Sonny Bunch, on how “live and let live” is pretty much dead, replaced by angry mobs*. His conclusion: Trump versus Hillary is the unpopularity contest we deserve. The next six months are going to be frigging awesome Yeah, awesome. Lucky us. It’s…

A Few Rays Of Sunshine


For those of you who were too busy to follow the news today, Tuesday night brought a few rays of sunshine for Americans who have had it with progressives and their destructive policies. Investors Business Daily summarized the highlights for us:…

Bowe Bergdahl Investigation Is Complete, But Findings Won’t Be Released Until After Elections


The Army has completed its investigation of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s desertion from his post and captivity with the Taliban, but they won’t release the results until after the election. Even then they might not disclose it. What a surprise. The…