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CNYers - Let Me Know If You See A 2004 Ford Missing These Parts

January 12, 2013
Ford Grill

Some time in the middle of the night or early this morning someone drove through our fence and onto our lawn. Whoever it was left these parts behind.  If only the license plate had come off, too. The headlight casing is stamped with a December 2003 date, which most likely would make it a 2004 model.…

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Wow! Syracuse Snow Made the Drudge Report!

December 22, 2010

I’m pretty much over the record snowfall here in the Syracuse area this December. We haven’t had too much snow in the past few days and the roads are clear. It’s still really pretty. Everything is white and it’s cold enough that the snow won’t melt before Christmas. We’re a hardy bunch around here. But…

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Oh Holiday Cheer - My Property Tax Bill is Going Up 14.5 Percent

December 22, 2010

Here’s some nice holiday news. Property owners in towns across Onondaga County, New York will see a big tax increase next year. The culprit? The increases in county taxes are due mainly to rising contributions to the state retirement fund for public employees, Medicaid costs and wage increases for county employees. To pay for those…

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Ann Marie Buerkle Opens Campaign Office in Dan Maffei’s Home Town

June 6, 2010

I’m not exactly sure when Ann Marie Buerkle opened her Dewitt, NY office, but I think it happened when Rep. Dan Maffei (D-NY) was home for his long Memorial Day break. I stopped by this afternoon, but it’s Sunday and nobody was there. It’s kind of funny, I wonder if he noticed it while he…

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