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And So It Begins - The Party Of Trump

Party of Trump

The Republican Party in recent years has become the lesser of two evils in the two party system. Rather than vote for a constitutional conservative to lead the party in a new direction, many Republican voters are going for a liberal with authoritarian…

Houston, We Have A Problem!

Obamacare signing

The following is a guest post by Rod Eccles. **** Houston We Have a Problem!! Houston!  We have a problem. Well, actually it’s not just Houston.  It’s Atlanta, New York, Philly, Detroit, LA, Portland, Miami, and every single city, town,…

Saturday Funnies


Happy Saturday. I hope you’re having a good weekend and have gotten over the debate Thursday night. It seemed to be more about the moderators show boating and pinning the candidates against each other than a real debate. Can you imagine…

Sure, Trump Will Make Deals With Democrats


Donald Trump, on the campaign trail the other day, talked about how he will make great deals. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Thursday there’s nothing wrong with a little deal-making to get things done. “You know what? There’s a…

Spare Me The Outrage

donald trump

This week week it seems like all anyone has talked about is how Donald Trump said he would temporarily ban Muslim immigration to the United States until the inept federal government gets a handle on things. You would think he…