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Chart: Trump vs. Hillary Scandals


Grabien put together a handy-dandy chart comparing Donald Trump’s scandals with Hillary Clinton’s scandals. They ask which one is more corrupt. It’s hard to tell. Trump’s list is longer, but some of his scandals are more along the lines of “he’s pond…

Funny How The News Isn’t Reporting Much About Trump’s Illegal Campaign Donation

classy trump

I almost forgot about the story about an illegal donation made by Donald Trump’s “charitable organization” because his attacks on Heidi Cruz happened at right around the same time the news broke. Coincidence? Almost precisely at the same time Trump…

Another Bad Week To Be Hillary Clinton

Testy Hillary

The week has only just begun and it looks like it’s turning out to be a pretty bad one to be Hillary Clinton. Boring Democrat voters in Iowa is the least of her problems. In addition to the troublesome news…

Nothing To See Here

Obama sh

The acting State Department Inspector General while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State is an Obama donor. Oh, and Obama never bothered to nominate an IG for confirmation during Clinton’s tenure at State. But nothing to see here. Then there are all…

Something Is Very Wrong Here

Chelsea, Bill and Hill

Kevin Williamson has a great piece at National Review about the sorry state of American politics. Politicians, especially (but not limited to) the liberal ones, live and are treated like royalty while taxpayers and innovators have become subservient to their…