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Breitbart Editor Was On Trump Campaign’s Payroll


Here’s some not-so-shocking news. A national security editor at Breitbart received thousands of dollars from the Trump campaign for “policy consulting.” Breitbart News has turned into nothing more than a communications arm of the Trump campaign. Breitbart’s national security editor Sebastian…

Jeb Bush Is Out


Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has suspended his presidential campaign after a dismal showing in the South Carolina primary. The Hill just broke the news: He announced to supporters that he would suspend his campaign in sometimes emotional remarks from…

Scott Walker Is Out


This is too bad. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced today that he is suspending his presidential campaign. According to the Washington Times he will formally announce his decision later today. His campaign just wasn’t able to gain any traction, and…

Cool! Anti-Hillary Street Art Is Out


Posters like these have appeared all over New York City and Las Vegas, coinciding with Hillary Clinton’s campaign launch. I love that this one is across the street from the New York Times. Moe Lane says if you like this…