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UPDATED: Time Warner’s YNN reveals blatant pro-SEIU bias. Video has been removed from website.

October 28, 2011

Below is the e-mail I received from Ron Lombard, News Director, YNN – Central NY / Northern NY / Southern Tier after I notified him of his reporter’s ”oversight.”   I will give him his due for changing the online text.  However, the story is now buried on page two, and more importantly, the video has been removed.  The video…

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Is Obama following in Mao’s footsteps?

August 18, 2011

Most readers of this site realize by now that Barack Obama is an unrepentant socialist/Marxist in substance, if not in style (I mean what true commie would spend so much time on the golf course?). So what his out-going manufacturing Czar, Ron Bloom, said recently in reference to Obama’s latest “job creation” program should come…

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Site News

May 13, 2011

Just a few quick notes on the state of the Lonely Conservative. Most of you have probably noticed there are a few other contributors to the site. A big thanks to Sam Foster, Bill Zwerger and Unlikely Hospitalist for helping to cover the news lately. It’s too much for one person to keep up with.…

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Senate Bill 510 and Kirsten Gillebrand vs. NYS farmers

November 18, 2010

The following is a guest post by Bill Zwerger. **************************************** Senate Bill 510 and Kirsten Gillebrand vs. NYS farmers (oh, this oughta be good.) Like many newly elected congresspersons (man this whole pc verbiage thing sucks don’t it?) attempting to prove their legislative veracity to an unimpressed constituency, Kirsten Gillebrand apparently feels the need to…

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Question for the MSM: When did truth, based in reality, become optional?

November 14, 2010

The following is a guest post by Bill Zwerger ***************************************** A sincere question to those in the “mainstream” media: When did truth, based in reality, become optional? “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  However, everyone is NOT entitled to their own truth.” I realize the following conjecture is neither groundbreaking nor a recent development. …

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Obama’s Expensive India Trip Is Also Heavy on the Carbon

November 4, 2010

Editor’s Note: I told you the other day about President Obama’s $200 million per day trip to India. You may have missed it because the cost of the trip was reported here on election day and you probably had other things on your mind. (Lucky for me, Google didn’t miss it. Be sure to click…

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Obama’s Trip to India Will Cost $200 Million Per Day!

November 2, 2010

Note: See final update below. It looks like we may have been punked by the Indian media - at least on the cost of the trip, and the warships. The carbon footprint of the trip is true, so is the part about the coconuts. And we still don’t know what this is costing us. And…

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High Taxes and High Poverty: A Match Made in Syracuse

March 18, 2010

Guest post by Bill Zwerger The State Community Action Agency just released their latest numbers for Upstate New York.  The numbers don’t lie.  Yet they most certainly help to make the case for a strong correlation between exorbitantly high tax rates and unacceptably high rates of poverty.  Just a coincidence?  I think not. From ynn.com: …

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What Puts the Bam in Obama? What Puts the Ack in Barack? Courage

March 16, 2010

Guest post by Bill Zwerger The President revises the role of Cowardly Lion in latest push for passage of health care takeover. From dictionary.com:  Courage - the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery. In his latest whistle-stop, campaign-style, grasping-at-straws, no-lie-too-big tour to stump…

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Dumb and Dumber: White House Edition

March 15, 2010

President’s right hand men continue to defend his erroneous and misleading statement. Guest Post by Bill Zwerger In response to Chief Justice John Roberts astute pronouncement on the President’s ill-timed and misinformed tirade against the SCOTUS’ Citizens United v. FEC decision, made during the State of the Union address, Obama advisor David Axelrod and Press…

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Massachusetts Cautionary Health Care Tale

March 12, 2010

Guest Post by Bill Zwerger Bay State residents are finding that mandated health care isn’t cheap. Boston Globe: State regulators said yesterday that they will probably change the complex formula they use to determine how many Massachusetts residents face a tax penalty for not having health insurance, because spiraling costs are making coverage unaffordable for…

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