History Is The Story Of Life

The following is a guest post by Dr. Robert Owens.


History is The Story of Life

The older we get the more of our lives become History.  Perhaps that is why it slowly eventually becomes interesting to many people; we can remember so much more of it.  The future slides into the present.  The present slides into the past.  Our lives are the history of the future.

The average American has no Historical perspective.  To most people History began the day they were born and it will end when they do.  Without a historical perspective we live constantly in an ever progressing NOW and now can always be shaped and molded by whoever has the loudest megaphone at the moment.  This puts the lives of the low information citizen in the hands of the establishment and their media mouthpieces.

So many students say, “History is boring, just names and dates” yet if History is boring than so is life, because History is the story of life.  It is nothing more or less than the accumulated stories of the lives of people just like us who have lived at different times in what might as well have been different worlds.

These different worlds are the scaffold upon which our own world exists and if we ignore the framework that holds us up we imagine that we are afloat on a sea of forgetfulness beginning each epoch with no guidance from the collected wisdom of those who have gone before.  And if we choose ignorance as our starting point can we wonder what will be our end?

What passes for education today doesn’t help much, and in many ways it just muddies the water.  The History we are taught in secondary school is often sugar coated or slanted through the eyes and opinions of someone who has been run through the progressive stamping plant that is contemporary teacher training.  Either we get an uncritical, “America right or wrong!” or “America’s always wrong!” depending on the slant of the education bureaucracy in the area.

After decades of teaching History to America’s best and brightest I have sadly come to the conclusion that as time goes by people not only know less and less about History but also what they do know isn’t so.  It is only when we start to look at alternative views that we find there has always been a great debate as to what happened, how it happened, why it happened, and what it all means.  To most of the snowflake generation and even to those older who have swilled the progressive kool-aide it is a micro aggression to try to expose them to anything that contradicts or even conflicts with the mantra of Al Gore’s man-made global warming cult or the anti-colonial views of the Obama zombies.  Yet it is these alternative views that make History expansive, exciting, interesting, and informative.  Without them it isn’t education it is indoctrination.

Every society and culture has always taught what might be called a glorified History that explains why they exist and should exist as a distinct group.  When a country stops teaching this to their young in a few generations it is hard for the people to justify in their own minds why they are who they are and why they should continue to be a distinct people.  This leads inevitably to a crisis that usually portends the end.  Things are being left out of our History books, purged you might say.  What isn’t remembered will be forgotten.  That which is not written, is not preserved, passed down or remembered is the dust in the dustbin of History.

History is the best opportunity we have to learn from the mistakes of others.  If we ignore these or we never learn of them we face the inevitable reality of repeating these mistakes over and over.

A case in point:

The socialist economics of the USSR and the inefficiencies it caused brought about the implosion of the Soviet empire.  After that fall America rushed headlong into socialism itself.  After almost 50 years of resisting communism, spending trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives lost or destroyed how did Americans fall for the siren song of, “From each according to his ability to each according to his need”?  How did the Cold Warriors morph into interchangeable drones, cogs in a socialist utopian pyramid scheme?  They didn’t realize the snake oil the Progressives were selling was the same thing all the other socialists have been selling since the 19th century.  They couldn’t see that the hell holes of Cuba and Venezuela are the inevitable result of collectivism carried to its predictable dead end.  They had no historical perspective.

Having followed the hope and change of the pied piper Barack Obama, America is teetering on the edge of the abyss.  If enough of our fellow citizens bolstered by the best imported voters available and all the dead people in Chicago give Hillary and the Clinton crime family another shot at plundering this country we may well topple over following Rome and Britain into that aforementioned dust bin of History.

It may just be a matter of time until we join the Soviets on the trash heap of History.   I remember that we woke up one morning and the USSR was arguably the strongest nation on earth and unarguably the largest, and by the time we went to bed it had disappeared.  Since then we have worked hard to limit competition and extend benefits while our self-satisfaction has risen everything else is in decline.  Maybe what we need is some Glasnost and Perestroika?

We can’t know what we don’t know but we can know that we don’t know.  I first discovered History when I was nine years old, and I realized I didn’t know what had happened in the world before I had arrived.  I set off on a journey that has now lasted fifty-eight years.  I read and study History on a daily basis. I look for perspectives that may not match my own. I try to extend my understanding by looking at the world from many different viewpoints, and often I find that what I thought yesterday isn’t what I think today.  Not that History has changed, but my understanding of it has.  And with this evolving understanding comes new ways to move through this puzzle factory we call life.

I heartily recommend anyone who wants to make it through the maze and find the cheese study History so you will learn, someone always moves the cheese.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2016 Contact Dr. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens

What Do You Expect From A Fake Conservative As The Republican Nominee?

Republicans haven’t had a true conservative to vote for since Ronald Reagan. Those who came after him were varying degrees of moderate, but at least they were conservative on some issues, and they understood the issues, even if they failed to live up to the values they pledged to champion.

And now we have Donald Trump. A man who was a donor to the worst of the worst Democrats for decades. A man who has espoused liberal orthodoxy for most of his life. A man who only decided to become a “conservative” at the time he decided to run for office as a Republican. He picked up on anger over illegal immigration, a lousy economy, threats to our national security, and Democrats who have rammed through a progressive agenda for the past eight years with very weak opposition.

It was the perfect storm for a media-savvy blowhard like Trump to come along. In a very crowded primary field he was able to sell his bungled message – with $2 billion in help from the media – to enough Republican voters to win the nomination. He spent most of his time labeling, mocking and attacking his Republican opponents. He might not understand conservative orthodoxy, but he does know what sells to the masses. He promised that once the general election rolled around he would act more presidential, and there were enough suckers out there who actually believed him.

And now here we are. Is he spending his time going after Hillary Clinton for the scandals that are piling up around her? Sure he calls her Crooked Hillary, but he seems to be going a lot easier on her than he did on his fellow Republicans. The Democrats have nominated the most flawed, corrupt candidate in generations. There’s so much low hanging fruit there that any Republican candidate with a pulse should be way ahead in the polls. He doesn’t even need to talk about the mysterious deaths of several DNC staffer over the past few weeks, just the official, confirmed scandals should be enough to sink her. Just off of the top of my head there is the email mess she created and being investigated by the FBI, the way she used her position heading the State Department to do favors for Clinton Foundation donors, the way she used the Clinton Foundation to enrich herself, Benghazi, her dismal record as a US Senator. I could go on and on, and that’s not even getting into the failed policies of Obama that Clinton would continue, or even make worse, like Obamacare.

But here we are, Trump just goes out there, supposedly speaking off the cuff, making gaffe, after gaffe, after gaffe. His gaffes are endless, if they are gaffes. I’m still not convinced that he’s not a Clinton plant, but giving him the benefit of the doubt on that, there has to be some explanation for his cartoonish performance. He’s turned into the quintessential stereotype of how the Democrats have defined conservatives. For the progressives he is the gift that keeps on giving as he continues this caricature of what we’re all about.

The latest example is when he babbled about the possibility of Hillary Clinton nominating anti-Second Amendment judges, and how there would be nothing we could do about that, well except for those Second Amendment people… wink, wink. It’s like that was written by a progressive Democrat, but it was just Trump speaking off the cuff, because he thinks like a progressive Democrat. And it wasn’t the first time he’s shown his true colors.

Think about when he answered a question about outlawing abortion by saying that women who sought abortions should receive “some form of punishment.” Think about when he answered a debate question about raising the minimum wage by protesting that wages are too high.”

These aren’t Trump’s own core issues, or the issues of his base. But they’re important to swaths of the Republican Party. As the party’s nominee, he’s tried to learn how to speak their language. But he speaks it with a heavy accent — and woeful miscommunication ensues. (Read More)

So yeah, miscommunication, or he’s just trying to lose. Whatever it is, this is what you get when you nominate a guy like Donald Trump. He’s making a mockery of the conservative movement, and the populist nationalists among us who fell for his shtick will have nobody to blame but themselves when Crooked Hillary is sworn into office. Congratulations.

Establishment GOP Plots Against Ted Cruz

This comes as no surprise, the establishment Republicans would love to purge the House and Senate of all true conservatives, and Ted Cruz is their top target.

The calendar turned to another day, and yet again a name is being floated as a potential challenger to Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas (A, 97%) in a hypothetical 2018 senate primary. This time CNN reports that establishment forces are trying to get House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, R, -Texas (F, 58%) to run against Cruz. (Read More)

They were thrilled to oust Tim Huelskamp whose conservative rating is 91%, now they are moving on to Cruz. McCaul, the chosen one, has a dismal conservative rating of 58%. Gee, if they can’t recruit him maybe they can find a Democrat to flip to the GOP to primary Cruz. Not that the Republican Party is very attractive these days, the top spokesman for Florida Republicans quit his job because of Trump.

Too bad GOP leaders aren’t spending more time trying to talk some sense into their crazy new leader instead of waging war on conservatives. But they’ve sent us a loud and clear message that we are no longer welcome in their party. Let’s see how well that works out for them.

Why Shouldn’t We Believe Trump Is A Clinton Plant?

Since Donald Trump announced he was running for president I have wondered if he’s a Democrat plant to help Hillary Clinton win the election. I’m not the only one with this suspicion, JD Rucker laid out the case at The New Americana:

So, back to the beginning. What makes Trump tick? Is he a Democrat plant? Let’s see: After giving from deep, deep pockets to Hillary to help get her this far, she remained an unappealing candidate with too many serious problems to ignore . . . unless there were a side show in progress to take the spotlight off them. Who better than Trump? Remember Bill’s little tete-a-tete with him before this all began? Could this have begun as the Clintons taking advantage of their best pal to do the only thing they could think of to overcome her many liabilities and approaching political crises – to be a sort of pod-candidate at the top of the Republican ticket that is even more objectionable than Hillary?

Maybe they just figured he could roll his abuse out there on a debate stage and insult and do damage to conservatives who might possibly pose a real threat at the ballot box. It might be working. But as sometimes happens, events took on a life of their own and tumbled along to bring him to the presidential nomination. Better and better. And his unfiltered Niagara Falls of horrible statements just can’t be shut off…

There’s much more at the link, so read the whole thing. I just wonder why we shouldn’t think Trump is a Clinton plant. No candidate that actually wants to win an election would behave the way he does.

How Do You Talk To Your Kids About This Crazy, Horrible Election?

This post at PJ Media by Patricia Lott Williford about how she and her husband talk to their kids about this dreadful election has been brought to my attention. Her kids are younger than mine, so it’s a little bit different in my house, but it’s still pretty spot-on with us, or at least me.

Again with the credibility. Say you’d like to learn more before you make up your mind, and you’ve just moved up a couple notches. So we talked about debates, how they’re meant to let us hear what the candidates have to say, but it’s really a contest about many other things that have little to do with political views.

“Mom, who are you voting for?”

I told them that I am as yet undecided, that I can’t bring myself to commit to anybody yet. I think Trump is absurd and Hillary raises some question marks. I told them that I’d really like for everyone to put all the pieces back in the box and start fresh, like getting new letters during your turn in a game of Scrabble.

But then I reminded them, “Guys, who’s ultimately in charge?”


Read the whole thing. My only disagreement would be that God gives us free will, which is why we are left with these horrific choices. And even though He is in charge, we could go through history and name a whole lot of terrible human beings who have taken power and done terrible things. Not much comfort there.

But anyway, I was just talking tonight with my fifteen year old son and my husband about this election. I hate to admit it, but there were a lot of f bombs thrown around. We have a choice between an unindicted felon and a total psychopath.

If the Republicans can hold on to the House and Senate at least they will oppose the felon, but what will they do if the psychopath wins? What will happen if the felon wins and Democrats find a way to win the majority? What will happen if the psychopath wins and his party controls everything? Who will have the courage to oppose him?

We come up with answers to these questions, but none of the answers give us any comfort. We live in New York, so it doesn’t really matter who we vote for, but still, it just sucks. We have no cheerful warrior in the mold of Ronald Reagan, who was a natural at connecting with the American people. We just have these two miserable choices, and then the Libertarians. If only they would get their act together.

At this point all I know is that I want to raise my kids to be decent, hard working people. I wish we didn’t have to worry about politics, but no matter what we do, politics will find a way to intrude into our lives.

So that’s where we are and that’s what we talk about. Oh, and our twelve year old doesn’t really care.

What are you saying to your kids?


Saturday Funnies

Back by popular demand – the Saturday Funnies. Enjoy and have a great weekend. I hope you’re all enjoying your summer. The funnies this week were found at Legal Insurrection.



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Video: Highlights From The Libertarian Town Hall

Weld Johnson

Last night CNN aired a town hall event with Libertarian presidential and vice presidential candidates Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. They are both former Republican governors of blue states. They’re both extremely calm and somewhat boring, which I find refreshing in the current atmosphere of the Clinton/Trump circus acts. I don’t agree with them on everything, but considering our other options I’m seriously considering voting for them. They should at least get a spot at the debates.

Here is their “message to Republicans” via Grabien and below is a highlight video, put together by Reason TV.

Planning It Out With Planned Parenthood

The following is a guest post by Richard Lowery.


21st century technology has provided the ability to implement business systems that can organize enormous amounts of data to create highly accessible industrial knowledge, and the information that is available to today’s top company executives allows them to become more intimate with their organizational products and services.  Middle management, which used to exist in part to summarize data and present reports to the top management, is less needed and we are witnessing the flattening of hierarchical structures as senior executives now have powerful tools that enable them to dispassionately drill into discrete process details which only a few years ago would have been unthinkable.   Hence, if you go into the board room of an automotive manufacturer you could hear top managers discussing the particulars of retooling cycle times for production lines; at an international beverage provider you might witness the CEO talking about the marketing intricacies of a specific sales territory; at a widget maker the president might ask about the time it takes to attach a thing-ma-bob onto a whatchamacallit.   The point is this:  today’s executives possess detailed knowledge about the goings on within their organizations.

I wonder if the information revolution has helped the billion dollar corporation know as Planned Parenthood with the planning activities of their products and services?   Let’s listen into one of their executive meetings right now!

Mr. Wormwood:  …. and our time studies show that this new pregnancy termination procedure will allow us to more efficiently crush the heads… er, …I mean disarticulate the fetal cranial cavities… in 12% less time thus contributing to our increased income goal of 7.5%.

Ms. Screwtape:  Very good. Thanks. Nice Update. 

Mr. O’Ghoul: That should let us get a-head and crush our profit plan.  Get it?  Head? Crush?
Mr. Wormwood: ha-ha
Ms. Screwtape:  ha-ha, ha-ha

Mr: O’Ghoul:    ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha

Ms. Broomhilda: ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha

Mr. O’Ghoul:  Hey wasn’t that neat how when we all cackled “ha-ha” we each sequential increased the numbers of “ha’s” by a factor of two?   That was fun!   Can we do that again?  

Ms. Screwtape:  No, not now.  Let’s stay on task.   OK, so we agree that abort… I mean pro-active pregnancy termination profits will increase by 7.5%.  Wormword, tell the group about some of the other ideas that we are working on to help us achieve this goal.

Mr. Wormwood:  Sure.  We are really excited about our Washington DC lobbying efforts regarding a potential new Federal Health Care Mandate that will require Catholics to build drive through abortion clinics that are attached to their churches.  We plan to emulate the “15 minute in and out” consumer business model used by the auto oil changing retailers.   Our analysis shows that this will increase gross margins by 9.3% in our top 15 growth markets.

Ms. Screwtape: Excellent!

Mr. Wormwood Also, our marketing folks have submitted a study proposing a promotional offering to generate up to 5.3% more sales volume.  Purchase one abort… I mean fetal tissue disposal …and get the second one at a reduced price.   Our data mining efforts suggest that this will really positively impact our revenue efforts in low income urban zip code sectors.

Ms. Screwtape:   Yes… very, very good.

Mr. Wormwood: And we have retained the consulting firm of Dracula and Associates to analyze the aftermarket opportunity for pre-owned blood.

Ms. Screwtape:  Let’s talk about that.   Do we have to call it blood?  

Mr. WormwoodNo.  Not necessarily.    Our “Euphemisms and Pull the Wool Over the Gullible Publics’ Eye Committee” is looking into that.  One of their ideas is to call it “watery red stuff”.

Ms. Screwtape:   Uh ….  I am thinking of maybe something more scientific sounding so people can pretend that they don’t know what it means to enable them to remain indifferent.  You know … like some of the other ambiguities that we previously came up with like, um…uh…

Mr. Wormwood:   Like Reproductive Choice?

Ms. Screwtape:  Yes, exactly!! Now that was the all-time best euphemism ever!!

Mr. O’Ghoul: ha-ha,

Ms. Screwtape: ha-ha, ha-ha

Mr. Wormwood: ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha

Ms. Broomhilda: ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha

Mr.  O’Ghoul:  Hey.  We did the sequential “ha-ha” thing again!

Ms. Screwtape:  OK. The budget is ready to submit.   Wormwood; make a note to follow up on the blood phraseology.  Broomhilda; spellcheck for errors.

Ms. Broomhilda:  Gladly.  Double, double toil and trouble; fire brew and cauldron bubble.    Hmmm…. there is one typo.

Ms. Screwtape: Where?

Ms. BroomhildaIn the footnote where it says, “We will not be held liable for any excruciating pain felt by the dying fetus.”   “Excruciating” only has one “X” in it.

Ms. Screwtape: Fix it.

Ms. Broomhilda: Shazam!!  Done!

Screwtape turns to the end of the table and respectfully asks:

Ms. ScrewtapeSir?   Is this acceptable to you?

At the head of table sits a dapper looking executive who had been silent during the entire meeting.  He is dressed dappier than the dappiest K Street lobbyist and you might even call him diabolically handsome.  His outward appearance is inviting, charming and sophisticated.  Inwardly he feels a loving hatred and a gentle fond contempt toward the group of eager faces that are averting their eyes toward him.   The man is none other than The Prince of Darkness himself: good ole’ Satan.
Satan:   Yeah, it looks fine to me.  Maybe we have an internal stretch goal of 8% on the pregnancy termination income increase. But other than that, I’d say book it and we are good to go.   Great job people!  Great information!  Fantastic Detail!  Let’s grab something to eat.  It’s on me!

Frightfully Yours,


Richard J. Lowery Jr