Trump Is Cool With Losing The Senate To The Democrats

I can’t go and get some much needed sleep without at least directing you to this little tidbit that popped out of the the mouth of The Donald. He’s totally cool with losing the US Senate to the Democrats, because, well, why wouldn’t he be? He’s one of them.

While Republican delegates prepare to nominate Donald Trump in Cleveland in two weeks, Trump provided yet another piece of evidence that he’s not particularly concerned with the success of the party he has hijacked. New York Times Magazine asked Trump about the importance of maintaining a Republican Senate. Here was Trump’s almost incomprehensible answer – an answer that would be utterly incomprehensible if Trump were actually a conservative or a serious Republican: “Well, I’d like them to do that. But I don’t mind being a free agent, either.”

Of course he wouldn’t. He has no intention of making conservative priorities his own. (Read More)

Those of you voting for Trump only because of the Supreme Court might want to keep this in mind.

Oh, and explain again why the delegates at the convention shouldn’t revolt?

It’s That Time Of Year Again


I’ve been busier than usual this week. All Star baseball for my 11 year old started over the weekend and we have had games every night this week. He has a birthday coming up so we have a party rapidly approaching that I haven’t even begun to plan. Thankfully, boys his age are pretty easy to entertain. Between the pool and whiffle ball all I have to come up with is the food. But still, with work and baseball games every night there isn’t much time to blog. That’s probably a good thing, because there isn’t much good news these days and I’m not the least bit excited about the upcoming elections.

Anyway, wish his team good luck. They have one more game in this tournament. Depending on how they do on Thursday they might advance to play this weekend.

Obama Can’t Even Speak At A Memorial Without Getting Political

President Obama spoke at the memorial service for the slain Dallas police officers, who were targeted because they are white, and just couldn’t resist getting political. And he wasn’t just a little bit political.

Here are the seven worst moments of his latest opportunistic, highly political, egregiously inappropriate address:

1. Equating The Murders of The Dallas Police Officers With The Killings of Alton Sterling And Philando Castile. […]

2. Suggesting That Today’s Police Departments Are Still Rife With The Legacies of Slavery And Jim Crow. […]

3. Reeling Off Meaningless Statistics To Indict Police.[…]

4. Defending The Black Lives Matter Agenda.[…]

Those are just the first four points, there is much more at the link. He also used the occasion to push for gun control and even more government spending. Oh, and to top it off he accused all of us of being racist. What a horrible leader. He wants Americans to be divided and he stokes racism and hatred.

Check out the looks on the faces of the police officers who had to sit through his diatribe.


Condolences And Prayers For A Dear Friend

Those of you have stuck around this blog since the beginning probably remember Maggie, of Maggie’s Notebook, who is one of the first friends I made related to blogging. We have never met in person, but she’s a woman I will always consider a friend. My heart breaks for her today.

Most of you know that our son, Matt Villines was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma (Kidney Cancer) in June 2014. It was a long two years for him and us, yet filled with  so many blessings. We lost him on July 9th. He fought the best fight, doing everything right including a very strict diet which my beautiful and talented daughter-in-law Linda Tan Villines made possible for him. Matt and Linda married just 2-1/2 months before his diagnosis. She nurtured him and cared for him with such tender love and devotion. She is our angel.

Read the whole thing and if you have a moment to offer your prayers and condolences I’m sure she would appreciate it. This is something no mother should ever have to go through, but Maggie is doing so with such grace. I wish there was a way to take away her pain, but all we can do is let her know we care. She is an amazing woman and her amazing son was truly blessed to have her as a mom.

The Latest On The ‘Free The Delegates’ Movement

Via The New Americana, here are links to the latest on the movement to free the Republican delegates to vote their conscience at the national convention. Keep in mind that voting in a primary is different than voting in an actual election. The parties are free to put in place any rules they want, which is why the Democrats have Super Delegates.

-The RNC notified delegates that if they wanted to attend the Contest Committee meeting they had until later in the day to get to Cleveland. Nothing like giving people a little bit of advanced notice. Oh, and this is the committee that can boot out delegates as they see fit. I’m sure no Trump supporters will complain if they boot out non-Trump delegates.

-One of the names on Trump’s short list for his running mate is Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn who is a registered Democrat and pro-choice. Republican delegates are now figuring out how to block him if he is Trump’s pick.

-The leader of the “Dump Trump” delegates says she has the votes to bring the issue of unbinding the delegates to the floor of the convention. She also explained why unbinding the delegates is the right thing to do.

It is the duty of the delegates to represent the best interests of their states and to select a Republican candidate who actually represents our party and who can beat Hillary in November. That’s not Donald Trump. We don’t live in a straight democracy, where majority rule has the absolute say. We have a measured, representative form of government that allows time for discussion, fact-finding, and wisdom before our elected representatives make the final decision. Many new facts have come out since the early primaries that should disqualify Trump, and the delegates have historically always been the final stop-gate through which our party’s nominee must pass. Trump didn’t even get the vote of a majority of Republicans, and over 50% agree that he should not be our nominee. In fact, he would be the first Republican nominee to receive the nomination with more votes cast against him in the primaries than for him.

You can find out more about the effort to free the delegates here.

Here’s their TV ad:

Saturday Funnies

It’s been a pretty bad week as far as the news is concerned. I would say I hope these cartoons cheer you up, but they’re so true that it isn’t really funny. I hope you can find something good in your life, and your community, to focus on this weekend and in the future. Don’t look to politicians to make things better in this world. The two at the top of the political food chain seem more interested in dividing us than bringing us together. It’s just sad.

Anyway, this week’s funnies were found at Legal Insurrection.

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For more A.F.Branco cartoons at Legal Insurrection click here



12 Dallas Cops Shot, 5 Dead, When Will The Madness End?

There’s some really bad news out of Dallas, ten police officers were shot and three are dead (see update below) because they tried to keep the peace at a protest about a police shooting that didn’t even happen in their city. They weren’t even involved, but now this. The world has gone completely mad.

The Dallas Morning News reported the shots were fired at near the intersection of Market and Main streets, which is near the John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza.

These shots came at around 9 p.m., local time just as a rally where hundreds gathered to protest the recent fatal police shootings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in Minnesota was ending, KXAS reported. The protesters were marching from the Belo Garden Park to the Old Red Courthouse. Video showed scenes of people fleeing through the streets as they heard shots.

It is unknown at this time if there is a connection between the shots and the protest. (Read More)

The report says it was snipers who made the shots. If true, a lot of planning went into this in a short amount of time.

Update: Good grief, it’s even worse, 11 officers were shot and four are dead.

Update 2: The toll is now five officers dead and seven wounded. Two civilians were also injured. One of the suspects told police during a standoff that he was mad at white people and wanted to kill them, especially white officers. He was later killed during the standoff. Three other suspects have been taken into custody.

FBI Chief: Don’t Assume Hillary Is That Sophisticated

FBI Director James Comey was questioned today about the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of her private email server for conducting official State Department business. He was confronted with the many false statements made by Clinton and the best defense he could come up with is that she’s pretty much an idiot who had no idea what she was doing.

Rep. Blum: In a press conference, Secretary Clinton assured us that her private email server was secure, saying, the server was on private property guarded by the Secret Service. Now, this would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious. I know, you know, my constituents in Eastern Iowa know that you don’t have to be a cat burglar to hack into an email server, and you don’t need a cloth to wipe a server clean. Now you would think that a former United States Senator, one would think that a former Secretary of State would know this as well. Would you agree with that statement.

Comey: You would think. Although, as I said before, one of the things I’ve learned in this case is that the Secretary might not have been as sophisticated as people assumed. . . so I would assume the same thing about someone who had been a Senator and a high ranking official, I’m not sure it’s a fair assumption in this case.

Well that must be assuring for the party that’s about to nominate her to be its presidential nominee. As Instapundit would say, the US is in the very best of hands.