And Now For The List Of Black Lives Matters Demands

Black Lives Matters has now issued a list of demands, similar to the demands issued by Occupy Wall Street a few years ago. I wonder what they will do when their demands aren’t met.

Here’s one of them:

  • REPARATIONS: They want all sorts of money, such as free education for life, a guaranteed minimum living wage (for no work, of course), and others…

The Pirate’s Cove has the full list, which makes me think they should watch what they wish for.

Gee, Who Could Have Predicted This?

Hillary Clinton should be the easiest Democrat Party candidate to beat in at least a generation. Her life has been one scandal after another. Just this week there were more revelations about the State Department under her leadership transferring weapons to Libyan rebels, who later formed the Islamic State (ISIS). This was happening just before the attack on our consulate and CIA annex in Benghazi, an attack she blamed on some stupid You Tube video. We also found out that the Obama administration literally flew a plane load of cash, $400 million to be exact, to the Iranians on the same day they released US hostages. Of course, this was done on the sly to keep the American people in the dark.

Those two stories should be leading the news coverage this week. Instead we are treated to a barrage of idiotic things Donald Trump has done and said.

He just couldn’t keep his mouth shut after the Democrat’s convention and had to go on the attack against the Khan’s. Regardless of what you think of their political motives, they are Gold Star parents who lost a son and they have a right to speak their minds. That’s the narrative playing out and Trump should have known to just leave it alone.

Then he kicked a baby out of one of his rallies, and the baby’s mother, too. Seriously. Who freaking does that?

Hillary Clinton is spending millions of dollars on ads in swing states that feature Trump talking. As far as I can tell Trump has spent nothing in response. But he does keep shooting off his mouth and griping about the election being rigged, so he’s providing her with plenty of fodder for even more attack ads.

Then not only did he accept a Purple Heart given to him by a veteran, he made a big deal about it. “I’ve always wanted a Purple Heart,” said the man who called avoiding venereal disease his own personal Vietnam.

So of course, the media is now all over these boneheaded moves by the orange buffoon. How did so many Republican voters not see this coming? Some of us were warning about it for months during the primary. The media wanted him to win the nomination, that’s why they gave him so much free air time. They knew he would be the gift that keeps on giving and boy has he ever delivered for them. The naked lesbian pictures of his wife Melania are just icing on the crap cake of the Trump candidacy.

It’s one thing to “tell it like it is,” but quite another to have no filter whatsoever. I’d be embarrassed to talk to this guy at a party, and the kind of parties I like to go to aren’t the snooty kind.

But yeah, the election is rigged. Just like the primary was rigged.

I’m surprised the latest poll only shows Hillary leading by 10 points. That just goes to show what an absolute horror he is as a candidate. Excuse me while I gag.

Nothing about the way Trump is behaving or conducting his campaign does anything to ease my suspicion that he’s nothing more than a progressive plant. He played up every caricature and stereotype of Republican voters and they took the bait, proving in the minds of their detractors that they’re as bad as everyone said they were.

Not only is Trump on track to lose the election, he’s taking the Republican Party and the conservative movement down with him. Just look at the way so-called conservatives are cheering the defeat of a rock-solid conservative to an establishment darling. These people have lost their minds.

To those of you responsible for the nomination of Trump, save your finger wagging about the Supreme Court. If Hillary Clinton is the next president you have nobody to blame but yourselves. He was your choice. Live with it.

And don’t tell me that the reason he’s losing is because people like me won’t get on board. Step out of your bubble for a few minutes and listen to, read and watch news that most American voters absorb. They aren’t hearing about “Crooked Hillary,” they are hearing about the horror show that is the Trump campaign.

Oh, and I just had to laugh when I momentarily tuned into the Sean Hannity show on the radio this afternoon. I thought he had a shred of sanity left when he said maybe Trump should just shut up for a change. That’s when Hannity should have shut up. Instead he whined that if Clinton wins in November it will be the fault of the Republican establishment. I suppose he was referring to the same Republican establishment that could have done something to stop Trump at the convention, but that wasn’t what Hannity was getting at. He blames them for not being limber enough for the mental gymnastics it takes to defend their buffoonish new leader.

So this is the state of the presidential race with only 95 or so days to go until the big day. Is it any wonder that those of us who haven’t lost our minds are ready to give up in despair?

I think I need another few days, or weeks, or maybe months off line, just to keep my head from imploding.

Update: Note to the GOP – the time to panic was three weeks ago when there was a shred of a chance to do something about it. Too late now, knuckleheads.

Trump’s Jobs Plan Sure Does Sound Familiar

Hey, remember when President Obama spent hundreds of billions of dollars on shovel ready jobs? Since then the economy has failed to reach 3% growth in any year. For some reason, Donald Trump doesn’t see the connection, because he’s pretty much proposing to continue down the same path.

Trump was back on the stump today criticizing Clinton for… not being in favor of enough government spending. For the purposes of reference, Clinton’s infrastructure plan is to spend $275 billion in her first 100 days. Trump promises to at least double that for the purposes of providing what amounts to shovel ready jobs to people. (Read More)

Oh never mind, I’m just a RINO back-bencher who stubbornly fails to see the glory and brilliance of Donald The Magnificent. I should spend my days watching Fox News, listening to Laura Ingraham, and reading The Gateway Pundit and Breitbart to get my mind properly programmed. My apologies. I’ll just shut up now.


Mark Levin is one of the few conservative talk show hosts I can stand to listen to anymore. But then he goes and talks about the “back-benchers” again. He did it last night. I assume he means people like me, who aren’t famous and don’t have millions of readers or listeners. He called Hillary Clinton an “unindicted felon” and then told all of us back-benchers to go ahead and use that term.

Funny, I called Hillary an unindicted felon way back in February:

Meanwhile, in Nevada, the unindicted felon beat the socialist in the Democrat caucus.

Oh well, never mind. I’m just a back-bencher with a family and a day job, and nobody pays attention to me anyway.

The Prophet Meets Our Government At Work

The following is a bit of satire from our friend Richard J. Lowery, Jr.



Many people have been critical of President Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran.  They say that the U.S. is supporting Tehran’s weapons program by the release of their funds and that our government should be doing more to hinder Iranian efforts.  I beg to differ.  I think that it is in the American people’s best interests for the United States federal government to be more involved with implementing the mullah’s nuke program.  But with only one stipulation.   The U.S. government is the sole vendor for Iran’s supplies, machinery and equipment parts.  Iran gets to experience the same results that U.S. citizens receive from our federal government.


Below is how a conversation might go when an Iranian scientist is talking on the phone with a U.S. federal government help desk employee regarding the status of a shipment.

Bad Elevator music playing

Federal Government Employee (FGE): Hello.  Federal Government Rogue State Supply office.  Myrtle speaking.  How may I help you?

Iranian Scientist (IS):  Help me?  You can help me by hurling your wretched carcass into an infernal volcano! 

FGE:  I’m sorry sir.  Did you say volcano?     This is the Rogue State Supply office.  Are you looking for the National Parks Service?

IS:  No!  You spawn of the evil one.  And this is the fifth time that you people have transferred me to someone else today!

FGE: I’m sorry to hear that sir.  How may I be of assistance?

IS:  Where’s the uranium?

FGEThe ura…  What?

IS:   The uranium, you servant of Lucifer.  The uranium shipments that you said you would send to us!   Where are they!?

FGE Let me call up your account.  I’ll just get into that screen right now.  Oh golly gee.  Our computers are a little slow today …
**** 20 minutes later ****


FGE: OK sir.  Sorry that it took so long.  I have the screen up now    So, what is your account number?  

IS: I do not know the account number.  It’s somewhere in all this paperwork that you people keep sending me!  I can’t find it!! 

FGE: Do you have your social security number handy?

IS: I am not part of the Cabal of the Great Satan.  I keep telling you people that I do not have a social security number, an infidel’s passport number or a library card from the District of Columbia adult literacy program!

FGE: Do you have a Federal Tax ID number?

IS: What?  I do not provide funds to your unholy land of vipers!!  You are supposed to be giving us the money!!

FGE: I will need to open up a case number to service your request.   OK.  So what will you be using this uranium for?

IS: We will use it to create bombs that will incinerate your wicked souls so that you will all be consigned to the ninth circle of hell where you will spend eternity gnashing your teeth!!

FGE: Hmmm…  I don’t see that as a response option.   I will click “other” and type “recreation” in the free form dialogue box.

IS: I don’t have time for this!!

FGE: Well sir, then perhaps you can go online and resubmit your request through our web site.

IS: No!!   That web site is an enemy of the Prophet!  When we logged into it last time it got all mixed up and it sent us over to the health care module.  We placed our uranium order there but you people shipped us nine truckloads of condoms instead!  What are we supposed to do with NINE TRUCKLOADS OF CONDOMS!!!?

FGE: Sir, federal government regulations do not allow discrimination against any sexual preference.  You’ll be happy to know that you can use those condoms in whatever way you want.  We are open to people of all orientations.  Heterosexual, homosexual and transgender.

IS: I am not talking about transgendered devils of Satan!   I am talking about building nuclear missiles that are transnational!!

FGE: Transnational? Hmm…  I do not see transnational as a gender preference in our database.

IS: No! No!  You mother of dogs of Babylon!!!

FGE: Excuse me sir, did you say Babylon?   I’m sorry sir, but Babylon is handled by the Southeast Central regional office.  I can transfer you there.

IS: No! No!  I beg of you to not transfer me again.   Listen to me.  Some of the condoms were the type that glow in the dark so we thought that they were uranium based and we used them in our enrichment testing process.  But they clogged up the main release valve which broke the turbine filtering system!!!   And now we CANNOT PRODUCE ANYTHING!!   AND WE ARE TEN MONTHS BEHIND OUR CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE!!!!!!!

FGE: I’m sorry sir, but I will have to transfer you to our customer care complaint center.   Please stay on the line.

ISNOOOO!!!!  WAIT!!!!!!….

Click.  The Bad Elevator Music starts playing again.

Look, I’ll admit that the plan is not foolproof, but the spectacular ineptitude of our federal bureaucracy is bound to kick forward the Iranian ability to go nuclear by 10, 20, maybe 30 years.   By that time  –  based on current global warming forecasts  –  the world’s glaciers will have melted causing the ocean’s waters to rise and drown all land based mammals.  No Iranian nukes to worry about.  Done Deal. Case closed.

Frightfully Yours,

Richard J. Lowery Jr.

Should Conservatives Form A New Party?

That’s the big question. As far as the 2016 election goes, it’s a little bit too late. But I suppose it’s worth looking at going forward.

The Republican Party certainly doesn’t represent us, and any hope of changing the GOP into a more conservative party vanished with the nomination of Donald Trump. So I’m certainly open to the idea.

I wonder what they would call it. The word “conservative” has been maligned for so long by the media, Democrats and the entertainment industry it might become just another minor party that has little influence in elections. (Like the Conservative Party in New York, which is not conservative, by the way.)

Conservatives have been wrongly tagged as “far right,” as if we are fascists, which isn’t even close to the truth. True conservatives are more like classical liberals, but that probably doesn’t appeal to the younger generations. I’m thinking something that would indicate that the new party is really the new centrist alternative. On the left we have the radical progressive Democrats, and on the right we have the nationalistic, authoritarian Republicans. Conservatives should form a party distinguishing themselves as the ones in the middle who represent the most Americans.

It shouldn’t be hard to convince normal, hard working American people that preserving freedom is a good idea. Most people agree that balanced budgets make sense and that property rights should be protected.  Most people don’t want to pay higher taxes. While they believe a safety net for when people fall on hard times is needed, it should never become a way of life. They want to be left alone to pursue their goals in life, and leave others alone to do the same.

My only caution to this new party would be not to go too far on social issues. I know they are important, but these are things best left to state and local governments, and unfortunately, the culture. Until we figure out how to change the culture, if we keep trying to fight these things from a political front we are going to keep losing.

Well, that’s my two cents on the subject. Until a viable, common sense, freedom-promoting new party emerges I’ll just continue to be a disgusted observer of the political scene.

Omaha Weather Conditions And Trumponion Plans To Nowhere

The following is a guest post by Richard J. Lowery, Jr.



Now that His Pomposity Donald the Strident has blustered his way to the GOP nomination, let us examine some of the chatter around the Trumponion campfire regarding the general election plan.


This is kind of like suggesting that someone who advocates carpet bombing fish hatcheries will do well with fishermen.   The Trumponions say that Mr. Trump did well with Republican Hispanic primary voters in “this state” or “that state.”  OK, but “this state” had a total of around 23 Hispanic GOP primary voters and “that state” maybe had about 12.  Historically these folks vote Democratic and they are now registering in record numbers in the Democratic Party because they kind of don’t like Mr. Trump.   Imagine if the following questions were asked to a focus group of Hispanic voters.

Would you rather:

  1. a) Allow octopus looking space aliens from the Crab Nebula Supernova drill holes in your head with a laser beam?
  2. b)  Spend 12 hours per week biting the heads off of live tarantulas?
  3. c) Vote for Donald Trump?

The results might be about as follows:  49% choose the tarantula head biting, 32.5% pick the laser beamed head holes and only 18.5% would vote for Mr. Trump.  Even if we round up to 19% for Mr. Trump that’s a lot of ground to make up.

File this Trumponion plan under “Absurd”.


The Reagan Democrats of 35 years ago can today be divided into four groups:

Group 1:   They are dead.

Group 2:   They are old.  If you were middle aged in 1980, then you are now in your 70’s, 80’s or 90’s.  The bad news for the Trumponions is that there are a lot fewer of them today.   The good news is that those remaining who are men are no longer wearing leisure suits.

Group 3:  They are already Republicans.  The God-awful Democratic presidential nominee lineup of Carter, Mondale and Dukakis during the 1980’s – which future historians will call “The Flock of Seagulls Era” – drove them screaming from the Democratic Party into the GOP fold faster than Bill Clinton sprinting to the White House front door when a busload of new interns showed up.  The bad news for the Trumponions is that these people have already been voting Republican for – oh, I don’t know – the last 25 years?    Tallying these people up as special bonus extras would be borrowing the magical double accounting methods perfected by the Affordable Care Act. (For further reference please see ACA Part III Section 186-3d Subsection 4: Paragraph 49:  Budgetary Smoke and Mirrors.)

Group 4:   A fourth very small group is reportedly holed up in one of those semi-primitive forts out in the wilderness that you see in post-apocalyptic movies where the surviving humans are fighting off hordes of zombies.  But in this case they are fighting off of hordes of liberal Democrats – which come to think of it – are about the same as hordes of zombies.   Either the zombies or the liberal Democrats have cut the phone lines to the fort so it is hard to measure their current political disposition.

File this Trumponion plan under “Delusional”.


The Trumponions trot out various demographics of disaffected people who will surge to the voting booth for Mr. Trump like Bernie Democrats surging to a free handout.   The examples range from former playground bullies enamored by Mr. Trump’s browbeating charisma to unemployed horseshoe blacksmiths still upset that Henry Ford took away their customers.   Perhaps Mr. Trump will capture these folks but they probably will not outweigh the titanic number of voters of all shapes and sizes who would prefer to get boils painfully lanced off of sensitive body parts rather than cast a ballot for His Loudness.

File this Trumponion plan under “Please seek mental health guidance”.


I submit the following forecast which I generated by throwing darts at my neighbor’s recently planted vegetable garden.

Heavy rains north of Omaha with Election Day showers of many voters not voting for Mr. Trump.  Expect continued blustery winds emanating from Mr. Trump’s mouth causing storm like conditions that could blow away GOP senators throughout many of the swing states with gusts of Democrats possibly taking over the U.S. Senate.   There is an overnight tornado warning around the U.S. House of Representatives which we need to keep a look out for as the high pressure system coming from Mr. Trump’s bloviations may cause a hail storm of Democratic Party victories.    Tomorrow will be cloudy, dark and dank with a 70% chance of Hillary winning the White House.

Frightfully Yours,

Richard J. Lowery Jr.

The Solutions To Our Broken Institutions Are In The Constitution

The following is a guest post by Dr. Robert Owens.


The Solutions to Our Broken Institutions Are In the Constitution

America is facing a crisis.  As a matter of fact we are in such a constant state of crisis that I should be using the plural crises but that sounds silly and looks improbable.  As do the policies which have pushed us to this point.

  • Open borders erase what being an American means.
  • Strangulation regulation that prohibit growth and punish productivity.
  • Free Trade giveaways that send our industry and jobs overseas.
  • Taxation that makes us long for the tax rates that started the Revolution.
  • Attacks on police, on every right guaranteed, not granted, guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.
  • An internal war on our own energy sector in the name of a mythical man-made global warming.
  • An administration that fans the flames of racial and social divides for political advantage.
  • A political class made up of the perpetually re-elected of both parties that sits like a twin headed bird of prey atop a corporatism system rigged to reward the connected and ignore the rest.

How could any of this fail… end America’s 240 year old experiment in human freedom?  The institutions of our government are broken.  However, there is a solution, and it is in the Constitution.

First of all the system was built to provide checks and balances.  Each branch, the legislative, the executive, and the judicial were meant to counterbalance each other so that no one branch could usurp the power of the other two.

The Evansville Bar Association in its annual recognition of Constitution Day in 2015 summed it up well;

Although the terms “Separation of Powers” and “Checks and Balances” are not found in the Constitution, these principles are key to its vitality. As George Washington wrote in February of 1788, the two great “pivots upon which the whole machine must move” are: (1) “the general Government is not invested with more Powers than are indispensably necessary to perform the functions of a good Government[,]” and (2) “these Powers are so distributed among the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches, that [the Government] can never be in danger of degenerating into a monarchy or any other despotic or oppressive form, so long as there shall remain any virtue in the body of the People.” As recently as 2011, the Supreme Court affirmed that these principles were “intended, in part, to protect each branch of government from incursion by the others. The structural principles secured by the separation of powers protect the individual as well.”

Congress has abdicated its powers to unelected bureaucrats and the courts have decided that is the order of the day.  Generation Opportunity covers this well when they say;

One of the reasons that elections are such so important is because legislative representatives are responsible to create federal laws that impact every one of their constituents.

This is not a task to be taken lightly, which is why voters must dedicate time to research candidates before heading to the voting booth. But few people realize that there are unelected individuals who create regulations that govern everything from what type of light bulb you are allowed to use, as well as how much water your toilet may flush. According to an article published by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), no one is entirely sure how many government agencies actually exist, not even the government knows the exact number.

For instance, in the appendix of the Administrative Conference of the United States, there are 115 agencies listed with a disclaimer saying, “[T]here is no authoritative list of government agencies.”
The federal government has grown so large that no one can even keep track of it anymore. Worse still, each of these agencies are filled with unelected people who take on legislative authority to interpret laws passed by Congress.

Although Congress is prohibited from “delegating” its legislative function to another branch of government, Courts have consistently held that federal agencies may create their own rules as long as an “intelligible” principle can be discerned from the original statute in question.

In other words, if Congress passes a law that regulates a particular industry or action, unelected federal bureaucrats are given almost unchecked power to create whichever rules (or crimes associated with the conduct in question) that they please.

Here’s an example: When Congress passed the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1977, it mandated that certain environmental standards must be imposed on the states, but it hardly clarified what those standards were, or how they were to be enforced.

One of the components of the Act mandated states to establish a permit program that regulates, “new or modified major stationary sources” of air pollution. That seems simple enough, except that Congress never properly defined what qualified as a “stationary source.”

Therefore, the Environmental Protection Agency was left with the task of defining what a “stationary source” meant. Additionally, the original legislation never detailed what the penalty would be for breaking any of the statutes created by the new amendments, leaving it open to interpretation by the EPA.

This predicament led to the 1984 landmark case of Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc., where the Supreme Court held that federal agencies have authority to interpret statutes which they are in charge of administering.

This meant that the EPA now had legal authority to determine what would be considered a “stationary source” of air pollution.

Since the Chevron Doctrine applies to all government agencies, the opportunities for abuse are endless. Government is only legitimate when it derives its powers from the consent of the governed. When we give legislative powers to unelected government officials we completely disregard the core American belief of consensual representation.

In other words we elect legislators to make laws and they make general laws like, “We want clean water,” and then they let unelected bureaucrats fill in the blanks with the force of law.

Here is how it works.  Everyone wants clean water so the legislators pass their “We want clean water,” law and they come back to their constituents and campaign on “I brought you clean water.”  Then the EPA issues a regulation that says you can’t build on wet lands.  The EPA gets to decide what wet lands means which consequently gives them De Facto control over any piece of property they say is a wet land.  Then when voters complain to their congressional representative, who voted for the law and bragged about it, that they can’t build their house on a lot that is obviously dry the legislator becomes indignant.  They tell their constituents, “We’ll just see about this!” Then they have an aide send a strongly worded letter to the EPA that makes no difference whatsoever.

Problem solved.  Pat the denizens from fly-over country on the head and leave the matter in the hands of the commiczars who have inherited the rule of what was once a representative republic.  This way the hack can get back to his real job of raising money and getting re-elected.

This abdication of responsibility on the part of the legislature is the root cause of our problems because it has led to or facilitated the rise of the imperial presidency wherein many presidents have expanded the power of the executive until today we have an elected monarch who rules by decree unchallenged by Congress and unfettered by the will of the people.

Although the imperial presidency by no means began with the present occupant of the White House, to many Barack Obama has pushed the envelope beyond any discernable constitutional limits and has become the prime example of this phenomenon.

According to the Christian Science Monitor;

President Obama’s use of executive action to get around congressional gridlock is unparalleled in modern times, some scholars say. But to liberal activists, he’s not going far enough.

Obama, a former constitutional law lecturer, was once skeptical of the aggressive use of presidential power. During the 2008 campaign, he accused President George W. Bush of regularly circumventing Congress. Yet as president, Obama has grown increasingly bold in his own use of executive action, at times to controversial effect.

The president (or his administration) has unilaterally changed elements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA); declared an anti-gay-rights law unconstitutional; lifted the threat of deportation for an entire class of undocumented immigrants; bypassed Senate confirmation of controversial nominees; waived compliance requirements in education law; and altered the work requirements under welfare reform. This month, the Obama administration took the highly unusual step of announcing that it will recognize gay marriages performed in Utah – even though Utah itself says it will not recognize them while the issue is pending in court.

Early in his presidency, Obama also expanded presidential warmaking powers, surveillance of the American public, and extrajudicial drone strikes on alleged terrorists outside the United States, including Americans – going beyond Mr. Bush’s own global war on terror following 9/11. But more recently, he has flexed his executive muscle more on domestic policy.

In the process, Obama’s claims of executive authority have infuriated opponents, while emboldening supporters to demand more on a range of issues, from immigration and gay rights to the minimum wage and Guantánamo Bay prison camp.

To critics, Obama is the ultimate “imperial president,” willfully violating the Constitution to further his goals, having failed to convince Congress of the merits of his arguments. To others, he is exercising legitimate executive authority in the face of an intransigent Congress and in keeping with the practices of past presidents.

It also leads to the tyranny of the courts.  Unelected lawyers with life tenure decide what is and what is not constitutional often with the vaguest references to the Constitution itself.  Disregarding what are clearly enunciated rights such as the one to keep and bear arms while finding such nonexistent rights such as the right to dispose of unborn children.  The Justices of the Supreme Court have abrogated unto themselves unlimited power to turn our Constitution which was supposed to be written in stone into a living letter written in sand.  Or as one Chief justice said, Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes once said, “We are under a Constitution, but the Constitution is what the judges say it is.” Or as the website Western Journalism describes it;

Our federal judiciary has become, arguably and disturbingly, an oligarchy. When they rule on the “constitutionality” of an issue, it is assumed to be the final say in whether a vote of Congress or the vote of the people via referendum or initiative is legitimized or annulled. This is not how the Supreme Court and its substrata of appellate courts were intended to operate, nor is it de facto the way it should be.

The federal judiciary, as it has evolved, has unchecked and unlimited power over the nation by either of the other branches–the executive or the legislative–or even the people. Its members are not accountable to the citizenry, since most of their appointments are for life, and they cannot be removed from the bench by a vote of the people they purportedly serve. Their ruminations and the results of their decisions are insular, and they often trump the will of the people with regard to key social issues. Their decisions are presumed to be final, even though they may be at odds with the democratic majority of our citizens.

Herein lies the fundamental problem about the present construct of our federal judiciary as it has evolved since the founding. If, as stated in the 10th Amendment, all “rights and powers” not specifically itemized in the Constitution are held by the people collectively or by the states, what right does a court have to negate the will of the people? As it relates especially to key cultural issues like abortion, public religious displays, and definitions of marriage, should not the final court be the court of public opinion, rather than an oligarchy of judges insulated from, and not accountable to, the citizenry? In most of these cases, state courts have ruled, and appeals are then made to the federal judiciary.

Thomas Jefferson portended this judicial despotism: “To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions [is] a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy. Our judges are as honest as other men and not more so. They have with others the same passions for party, for power, and the privilege of their corps. Their maxim is boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem [good justice is broad jurisdiction], and their power the more dangerous as they are in office for life and not responsible, as the other functionaries are, to the elective control.”

These situations exist because Congress abdicates its authority to unelected bureaucrats of the federal nomenclature, it refuses to stand up to the runaway executives and refuses to reign in the Supreme Court.

The first could be accomplished by passing a law rescinding the ability of bureaucracies to issue regulations that have the force of law without congressional approval.

The second could be accomplished as they were with President Nixon, hearings which could lead to impeachment.

And the third is constitutionally provided for in Article 3, Section 2, Clause 2 which states, “In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. In all the other Cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.”  Congress should exercise its power to limit the jurisdiction of the courts. The Constitution provides that Congress is authorized to establish those federal courts subordinate to the Supreme Court and set forth their jurisdiction. Congress also has the power to limit the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and regulate its activities. Accordingly, Congress should exercise this authority to restrain an activist judiciary.

If Congress would step up and be what we elect them to be We the People could once again become more than just an empty phrase from History in a discarded document that once sought to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.  If our representatives will represent us instead of themselves and their cronies we would find that the solutions to our broken institutions are in the Constitution.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ © 2016 Contact Dr. Owens  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens