People Need To Take A Breath And Get A Hold Of Themselves


Good grief. The massive temper tantrum since Trump won the election has been incredibly over the top. Granted, he wasn’t your traditional candidate and did come off as somewhat unhinged at times, but still. This is a bit much, even for the safe space crowd.

I will be the first to admit that I was alarmed and upset when President Obama won in 2008, and again in 2012, but I certainly didn’t go screaming through the streets about it. The Tea Party movement which came about later was peaceful, and more about people being fed up with the direction he was taking our country.

And there is no need to go back and point out my many posts opposing the nomination and candidacy of Donald Trump. I was never for him. But he will be our next president and I accept that. It is what it is and I’m hoping that the Trump we saw when he graciously delivered his victory speech is the Trump we will see in the Oval Office. I hope I was wrong about him and that candidate Trump was just a genius at the art of political war and will stop his late night tweeting for good.

Anyway, people really need to just take breath and get a hold of themselves. An acquaintance of mine on Facebook, who I know professionally and normally seems pretty smart, wrote that she felt scared because she’s gay. Someone else then posted a picture of Trump holding a big gay pride flag, and rather than expressing relief my acquaintance told her friend to find out the truth and posted a link to Hillary Clinton’s website. Then tonight she posted a link to a petition asking the Electoral College to throw out the votes of red states. Seriously, here’s part of it:

On December 19, the Electors of the Electoral College will cast their ballots. If they all vote the way their states voted, Donald Trump will win. However, they can vote for Hillary Clinton if they choose. Even in states where that is not allowed, their vote would still be counted, they would simply pay a small fine – which we can be sure Clinton supporters will be glad to pay!

We are calling on the Electors to ignore their states’ votes and cast their ballots for Secretary Clinton.

It goes on from there. Most disturbing, this call to throw away millions of votes has 1,332,812 supporters as of this writing.

I try not to get to political on Facebook but I threw in my two cents:

Asking Electoral College to throw out the votes of red states? What next? Outlawing voting for all but progressive democrats? We live in a republic, not a pure democracy. These are the sorts of attitudes that brought about Trump’s victory. I didn’t vote for him, but he won. The sky didn’t fall. Just like it didn’t fall when Obama was elected. Although health insurance premiums have skyrocketed while private sector wages have been stagnant we survived that. It’s amazing how your perspective changes when you get out of your little echo chamber and start listening to all sides. Things become a bit less scary and while you still may disagree on policies you might learn that the other side isn’t out to get you. I challenge all of my friends who are upset over the election results to try to understand why people voted for Trump. It isn’t because they are racist or misogynistic. They’re mostly tired, sick of politics as usual, and hoping for a brighter future. Just like you are.

I don’t know if it will help anything with my little bubble of friends on Facebook, but I hope it does. And I really mean what I wrote about getting out of our echo chambers. It was my opposition to Trump that caused me to tune in to more liberal radio and TV news programs for the first time in years. Okay, not MSNBC or uber-liberals who are just wacky. But I do try to hear all sides of things. And although I haven’t become more liberal, it does help me understand how the other side thinks, at least those on the other side who don’t deny reality. Now if only we can get the other side to do that.

Part of the reason I stopped blogging so much is that I realized that politics was taking up just way too much of my life. It’s still important to pay attention and be informed, but it isn’t everything. By not making politics the center of my life anymore I’m happier and healthier. Things didn’t go the way I wanted, except for the part about Hillary Clinton not being our 45th president. I still worry about the future, just like everyone else. But instead of crying about it I will pray every day that Donald Trump is aware of the enormous challenge that awaits him and that he rises to the occasion.

Now everybody should just chill. Trump’s supporters should resist the urge to be smug and rub Clinton’s supporters noses in it. That only makes things worse. And Clinton’s supporters need to listen to her and President Obama when they talk about a peaceful transition and accepting the results of the election. It’s over, she lost. If the Democrats had nominated a halfway decent person without all of Hillary’s baggage things might have gone their way. Instead of acting out, they should be looking within to ask themselves why they nominated such a flawed candidate. They should ask themselves why they watched with nary a peep Obama’s massive overreach on health care and executive power that people responded to Trump the way they did.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for the moment. If any of you reading this are veterans, thank you for your service and have a happy Veterans Day. You all mean so much more to me than any politician ever will.


Post Election Musings

This is a guest post by Richard Lowery, Jr. Sorry I’m a day late in posting it, I’ve been busy with work and life.


My top ten post- election random musings regarding last night’s results.

  • I was totally wrong last night. I had bought a lottery ticket at the gas station and did not get one number correct.
  • My congratulations to President-Elect Trump and his supporters for their enthusiasm, efforts and success.
  • One does have to hand it to Mr. Trump for his defiance of the normal laws of electoral physics. Trump should rightfully bask in his accomplishment, but he should also keep in mind the Herb Stein maxim that, “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”  Difficult times will arrive when he re-enters into the orbit of normal political gravity that govern the other members of mankind.    All eyes (including a hostile, seething media’s) will now be on Mr. Trump – so deflection by pointing at Mrs. Clinton or the sinister activities of Ted Cruz’s father – will become more difficult.   Mr. Trump, sir – you are front and center now.  You might want to add a few epidermal layers to that thin skin of yours.
  • I cannot deny that I took great pleasure last night watching Mrs. Clinton slime off into the sleazy sunset. Clinton is now free to set up roomfuls of personal e-mail servers in the underground bunker at Fort Clinton.    Yet there are mixed emotions regarding Mr. Trump’s victory.    It is like winning a ticket for a cruise.  But did we get booked passage on the Queen Mary or the Titanic?
  • Who could have ever guessed that Anthony Wiener and his perverse texting psychosis would have impacted a presidential election?
  • I ate two bags of barbecued flavored potato chips while watching the election returns.chips I wonder if I would have had less of a stomach ache this morning if instead I had eaten two bags of regular flavored potato chips.
  • I cannot deny that I took great pleasure last night watching the shell-shocked facial expressions on the commentators at MSNBC, CBS, ABC, et al… But they did power through the broadcasts.  I wonder if the TV network staff gave them Zoloft suppositories during the commercial breaks.
  • Trump needs to implement early and quick on a couple of big items during his brief post-inaugural honeymoon to live up to his action figure status. (a)
    1. Pick a cultural item to keep his supporters at bay. Go build some kind of wall somewhere, anywhere – even it is just around the Clinton Library.   This will keep the Trumponion base happy – for a bit.
    2. Pick an impactful “real” economic item that will truly “drain the swamp” to kick in some solid economic growth that will buy him time. Maybe drastically simplify the tax code which will release the Keynesian animal spirits in all of us and cause the serotonin levels of K Street lobbyists to plummet to the lows currently being experienced by Chris Mathews.    (Perhaps the K Street lobbyists could try some Zoloft suppositories that were used by network folks last night.   Market tip – go long on Zoloft suppositories futures.)  A 4+% expanding economy will keep his critics – like me – off his back and growth can cure lots of things.
    3. If he needs to do something on trade – then make it symbolic like challenging the Chinese to a tag team taco salad eating contest. But do no economic harm.  Economic laws still apply after elections and someone needs to repeatedly whisper into his ear the following words:  “Smoot- Hawley, Smooth-Hawley, Smoot-Hawley…”
  • How long will his base stay with him? At some point – reality will hit that fan when he cannot give them all the things that he promised.   Superman, King Midas, The Great Houdini, Don Corleone and the entire cast of Fantasy Island could not collectively give his base all the things that he promised.  Even God from heaven above might need to clock in some overtime to give his base all the things that he promised.   When he does not quickly pull several thousand rabbits out of his hat, then will they still love him in the morning?   Obama’s base kept on loving him even when he did not deliver.  Let’s see about Mr. Trump’s.
  • I cannot deny that I took great pleasure last night eating two bags of barbecued flavored potato chips – even if it did cause me to wake up with a stomach ache.



  1. Trump has been on several honeymoons so he should understand this concept.


Frightfully Yours,

Richard J. Lowery Jr.

Let’s Hope Trump Surprises Us Again


Well, I was wrong about Trump not being able to beat Hillary Clinton. He did, and with any luck we won’t have to hear too much from her going forward. I have to admit, it’s been kind of fun watching the left freak out. I feel only mildly bad for them because they certainly haven’t had an ounce of sympathy for conservatives over the past eight years. That lack of empathy for, or understanding of, anyone who doesn’t tow the progressive line is a big reason Trump won. They will never understand that, but it is interesting how they are suddenly very concerned about the president having too much power.

So, here we are, the day after Trump surprised the world by pulling off the biggest electoral upset in a lifetime. I hope he surprises us again and governs as a conservative. I hope he honors the pledge he made last night to seek guidance from others and finds a way to unite the country. I hope the Obama economy doesn’t come crashing down on him and the Republican Party.

Congratulations to all of Donald Trump’s supporters. I am happy for you, and I pray that you have been right about him all along and I have been wrong. We shall see.


Grover Cleveland For President

The following is a guest post by Richard Lowery, Jr.


A potential major development in the roller coaster 2016 Presidential race occurred Halloween night with the surprise announcement by the late Grover Cleveland that he is running for U.S. president.   The late Mr. Cleveland served as U.S. President in two nonconsecutive terms:  1885 to 1889 and 1893 to 1897.


Speaking at a hastily put together graveyard press conference attended by deceased members of the press, the late former President declared, “My heavens, what is going on down here?   You people have selected two doggone rapscallions as your 2016 presidential contenders!  That one fella – the loud one – is a low down miscreant and an audacious scalawag.  And the woman – why I wouldn’t trust her with a wooden nickel.  And they are both running as New Yorkers!   They are giving us New Yorkers – both dead and alive – a bad name!”

To the howling moans of his ghostly supporters, the late New Yorker continued, “For the good of my former country and the State of New York, I hereby declare my candidacy for the President of these United States.”   Mr. Cleveland pledged to open up trade talks with Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, reduce tariffs on whale oil and he committed to invest more money in telegraph infrastructure.

Several corpses close to the campaign admitted that the late President faces an uphill battle.  But, a cadaver, speaking on a condition of anonymity, said that the Cleveland forces are confident that they will do well in large urban Democratic strongholds where dead people have a solid history of somehow voting in elections.   “We particularly feel good about Chicago”, the unnamed dead source said.

A Cleveland campaign spokes-ghoul said that the late President will be appearing at several séances in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Also, Mr. Cleveland will be speaking at a zombie convention in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Campaign donations can be sent via mail, Western Union money order or telepathically to:

Grover Cleveland’s Headstone

Princeton Cemetery
29 Greenview Avenue,

Princeton, NJ


Frightfully Yours,


Richard J. Lowery Jr.


Footnote:   President Cleveland was a proponent of free trade, classical economic policies and was the last “small government Jeffersonian” Democrat to reach the White House.   Sadly, since then the Democratic Party has reclined at the table of Progressivism’s busy body management of our daily affairs while chugging pitchers of secular modernity’s Kool-Aid.


Also, President Cleveland weighed in at an impressive 280 pounds.   He was man who enjoyed his food and had lived in Buffalo, NY which is also the home of chicken wings.  Please join me in my support of Mr. G. Cleveland’s write in candidacy and let us toast the kick off of his 2016 Presidential Campaign by ordering a round of chicken wings tonight!

Well-To-Do Thuggery

The following is a guest post by Richard Lowery, Jr.


I would like to suggest that some precincts of the Left are sometimes at home with the right kinds of violent political protest.  Examples abound such as the hygiene challenged Occupy Wall Street activists or the spittle emitting 2011 Wisconsin protesters that caused millions of dollars in property damage.  Or the Black Lives Matter folks and their fellow travelers who exhibit a tendency of trashing neighborhoods.  Or college campuses where conservative speakers are shouted down.   These activities are often accepted by the liberal intelligentsia and rationalized by “mainstream” media outlets.   If “correct thinking” partisans engage in bad conduct, then it might be under-reported or presented in a sympathetic manner.


“…single payer health care advocates burned down five city blocks in an understandable and reasonable reaction to the misguided GOP opposition of a proposed law mandating that Catholic Churches must install free condom dispensing machines in confessional booths…”


Media pooh-bahs just do not seem overly troubled by misbehavior on the Left.   But if a couple tea party guys wearing NASCAR hats loudly clear their throats at a Democratic Party political event, then we get headline news reprimanding their conduct, disparaging their viewpoints and lamenting that they reside within our solar system.   The New York Times Magazine might do a major exposition profiling angry white guys who keep shot guns handy so they can blast away at UFO’s that might appear at any moment.  The article will describe a few people like Joe Bob McSlob from Lost Cove, Tennessee or Larry who lives in a cave in Wyoming.  Both had declined interviews for the news story by shooting at the reporter when she stepped on their property.  But no worries, the Times can extrapolate out the political philosophy of these two guys to represent the views of millions of people some of whom may not even be angry. The benefit of reading the N.Y. Times is that they tend to get things wrong, so just like George Costanza, if I do the opposite of the Times first inclinations, then I usually end up hunky dory; hence, I owe much to the Gray Lady because she helps me to keep my bearings as I navigate through life.


Strangely, left wing thugs are culturally celebrated vapidly with things like Che Guevara paraphernalia.  Interviews with aging past hippies – now living comfortably in upper middle class neighborhoods – will contain wistful memories of 1960’s raucous anti-war demonstrations that helped usher in the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia which implemented an equalitarian worker paradise that included the pesky by-product of murdering 2 million Cambodians.   In some quarters the violent 1968 Chicago Democratic Party Convention is put on equal footing with the 1789 Philadelphia Constitutional Convention.   Meanwhile, the goons at WikiLeaks have informed us that Democratic campaign operatives – not rogue elements, but campaign operatives – bused in thugs to cause riots at Mr. Trump’s rallies and I get the impression that many on the Left are untroubled by this because – ceteris paribus – Mr. Trump must be prevented from winning at all costs.

So I guess that we can be OK with political violence – as long as it is instigated for the right issue; hence, pick a liberal cause, get a mob of your friends together and hit the streets.

But, I have to think that most Americans are a bit rusty with their rioting skills and we may need to freshen them up a bit.   Now, if the tenured purveyors of nonsense – known as college professors – have determined that you are a member of the “lower classes”, then I recommend that you read the definitive book by the Englishman Pugs Stenchworth called: “Piss Off!   A Soccer Hooligan’s Guide to Bashing in the Brains of Bloody Wankers“.   But if the professoriate got together at one of their taxpayer funded sabbaticals and decided that you are a member of the “upper classes”, then for someone occupying your social strata there is a dearth of good mob violence reference material that is available.   During the French Revolution it was rumored that Phillipe LaSmelle de Odor was writing an authoritative tract on aristocratic disruptive behavior skills in large group settings, but unfortunately he was caught dozing off during one of Robespierre’s ten hour assembly speeches so he got scheduled for a mandatory appointment with the guillotine and never got to finish his book.

Given this situation, I henceforth have put together the following thoughts for my wealthy liberal friends who are compelled to riot to make the world a better place.

Dress for success. You want to feel comfortable while trashing your neighborhood but at the same time remember that people will be watching and the last thing that you want is a bunch of loose talk at the club about a wardrobe faux pax. This past spring’s fashion designs have some really great loose fitting stylish options with cleverly integrated pocket space to allow ample stolen good storage while giving you the sophisticated look of a fashionable thug.  Quick recommendation: Go with a natural fiber like a high grade linen that will breathe so you will stay fresh while scrambling over chain link fences when fleeing from the police.   Also, leave the appliance thievery to others and indulge yourself by stealing something fun.   Personally I think making off with microwave ovens is just so “comportment non raffine” when there are more tasteful robbery options that are available.  My suggestion:  Use this as an opportunity to pillage items for a dinner party.

First, steal the main course since you will need to plunder the other meal components based upon what you have jammed in your swag bag for the entree.   We have seen a proliferation of good quality gourmet meat shops that cater to people with your discriminating tastes.  Go ransack one and I suggest that you steal the ingredients to prepare Foie De Veau Persillade Avec Pommes De Terre.    Calf’s liver should be paler in color than the more mature beef liver so grab the butcher by the lapels of his shirt and shake him in an aggressive manner to ensure that he gives you his choicest cuts.  I like apple wood smoked peppercorn center cut bacon with this recipe.  Again, threaten the terrified shop help with large pieces of cutlery to facilitate the appropriate fulfillment of your requests.


Next, try knocking over a good quality vegetable stand where you can bully the proprietor by repeatedly dunking his head in a barrel of pickling brine until he agrees to turn over his finest produce.  Also, it might be useful to pelt the employees with melons as you scream your demands so that you receive the proper service that you deserve.  For the salad I recommend you plunder arugula, dried apricots and pistachio nuts.   Steal some Spanish olive oil, cider vinegar and lemons for the dressing.  Don’t forget to jam into your pockets some red potatoes and Sonoma brown mushrooms for your veal dish.  Threaten the shopkeeper one more time for good measure to ensure that he has provided you with his freshest product.  Your dinner guests will thank you.


Now on to the wine.  Break into a good liquor store ahead the main mob of your fellow looters to allow access to a wider availability of choices.  (You would not want to serve your guests something you ransacked that did not go well with their repaste.  LOL!!)  Most higher end wine store owners are very knowledgeable and can be a great resource for suggesting the right drink to compliment your meal.  Explain to him what you will be serving and listen attentively to his suggestions.   You should thank him, politely strike him over the head with a blunt object and swipe what you need.   Then torch the place.

So there you have it – the makings of an exclusive meal worthy of a wealthy and well-bred ruffian who enjoys the tasteful things in life.  So I say huzzah to my rich liberal friends living in their safe gentrified neighborhoods who answer the call to riotous arms because by following the above suggestions you can accomplish anarchic political expression, social disorder and throw a great dinner party all at once.  Just do me one favor.  When you send out invitations for your dinner affair, please invite Larry from Wyoming.  For cripes sake the guy lives in a cave and needs a decent meal once in a while.


Frightfully Yours,


Richard J. Lowery Jr.

Memo To Mike Pence – It’s Hard To Go Home When Your Home Has Been Burned Down

Mike Pence told Republicans to “come home” and vote for Donald Trump on election day.

“I want to submit to all of you, it’s time to reach out to all of our Republican and conservative friends and say with one voice: ‘It’s time to come home and elect Donald Trump as the next president of the United States.’”

Um, well, some of us would love to go home, but Donald Trump and his supporters burned down our home, or at least our wing of the home. And no, I’m not talking about the establishment wing, which has it’s own issues. Its shell might still be standing but it’s a crumbling mess, never mind the pretty curtains they hung. I’m talking about the wing of the party that honestly cares about principles, the constitution, and freedom. That part of the home is gone, and the way things stand now there’s no plan to rebuild it. As William Teach noted, they aren’t even making the smallest effort to reach out to us in any meaningful way.

But politicians still need to ask for our votes. I don’t mean by name, but asking groups for their votes. Trump and company have asked Bernie fans for their votes. Blacks. Democrats. Other groups. But, not conservatives, and not really Republicans. He’s said he didn’t need our votes.

So, this “come home” schtick has annoyed me more and more as the day wore on, politically. Perhaps Pence should come home and get back to his conservative roots. (Read More)

Telling us to come home, as if we’re just a bunch of spoiled kids who are mad at Mom and Dad because we aren’t getting our way is beyond insulting. Why would he think that a stupid little slogan like “come home” is any more convincing than all of the other stupid little Trump campaign slogans we’ve been hearing for months?

Not to mention that they probably want us to think we’d be coming home to a luxury apartment in one of Trump’s gilded towers, when in reality it would be some filthy little room in a fleabag hotel where gross men sexually assault women and are given a pass. If I wanted a home like that I’d be a Democrat.

One more thing: I don’t have time to do another post so I’ll just throw this in here at the end – did you hear how Team Trump and its cheerleaders at Breitbart colluded with Clinton-supporting progressive activists to get rid of Trump’s primary opponents? Yeah, that’s right. Breitbart and progressives worked hard to make sure the one guy that couldn’t beat Hillary Clinton got the nomination. But now they’ll blame the small minority of us who are #NeverTrump if he loses.

Oh, and in other news, via The New Americana:

“We need to clean this up”

…RedState: As Obama was lying to America about Hillary’s email server, this was happening
…CNS: Wikileaks email suggests Obama knew
…Federalist: Criminal conspiracy
…Politistick: “He has emails from her”

Ralph Kramden And The Constitution

The following is a guest post by Richard Lowery.


Last spring, when I asked my Trump supporting friends why they thought that it was a good idea to nominate Donald Trump for president, the conversation usually went something like this:

My Friend: He is rich. He will able to do things because he doesn’t owe anyone anything.
Me: You are correct. After the four bankruptcies he should be pretty free and clear on his bills.
My Friend: You don’t understand. He is an outsider and has never held public office.
Me: OK, but the presidency is not an entry level position. Maybe he could get elected to that Assistant Trustee opening out in the Hamptons? See how that goes first?
My Friend: No way man. No time for that. We can’t trust the GOP establishment. Trump needs to start making great deals right away because he knows how Washington works and he can fix it.
Me: Does that means he is an insider?
My Friend: Not really. He is just an outsider who knows how the inside works.

Ergo, this makes Mr. Trump an inside outsider, which bring up a fascinating question: Who is more well connected? An outside insider or an inside outsider?

Yes, yes, yes. Everyone hates the GOP establishment, but what I want to know is this: Does the GOP establishment have secret weekly meetings? Because if they do, then I want in. The meetings will be attended by Mitt Romney, the Koch brothers, Thurston Howell III, 22 members of the Bush family, Ebenezer Scrooge prior to Christmas Eve of 1843, Snidely Whiplash and a neo-Marxist UAW union steward named Bert. Wait – how did that last guy make the cut? First order of business is to smoke cigars and throw darts at pictures of orphans. Then, plan the upcoming week’s sinister activities which could include using drones equipped with vacuum cleaners to suck the funds out of middle class people’s IRA accounts during the night. The meeting is concluded by everyone going into a secret vault, taking off their clothes and rolling around in piles of money.

The two things that the America Founders feared most was running out of rum and demagogues. During the 1787 Philadelphia constitutional convention – which was held behind closed doors – legend has it that anyone who behaved like a bully during the break out sessions had his powdered wig taken away and was told to go stand on one foot in the corner until the next hot cider break, which by 18th century standards was a severe punishment because most of them had the gout. So they published an anti-demagogue instruction manual called the Constitution which was designed to prevent presidents from running amuck just doing things – even if many people believed that these things were good things. Our Founders conjectured that the long term rotten impact of bad laws frequently outweighed the benefits of the good laws; hence the arcane three headed arrangement of the executive, legislative and judicial branches with the double whammy of a bicameral legislature. They deliberately built a pain in the neck structure to prevent creating laws at the speed of light so that if Ralph Kramden ever did get elected president, then it would be hard for him to implement his hair-brained schemes.

President Ralph Kramden: Hey Norton! Whaddya say we spend $3 billion taxpayer dollars on converting man hole covers on one way streets to transistor radios so anyone walking by can get the weather report?
Vice President Ed Norton: Great idea! Way to go there Ralphie ol’ boy!

The concept was that change should be gradual and ameliorative both in terms of doing things and undoing things. If enough of the gang wants something for a long enough period of time, then eventually we will get around to doing it. The downside is that it takes a while to accomplish the good stuff. So when the GOP House passes legislation (such as repealing Obamacare) and sends it via interoffice mail over to the Senate, then Harry Reed is constitutionally empowered to channel the Wicked Witch of the West by making cackling sounds, turning green, crumpling up the bill into a ball and tossing it over his shoulder into a moldering garbage pile in a corner of his office which is where he also keeps his handbook on ethics. But the upside is that it prevents President Obama from unilaterally moving the U.S. capital to Havana, Cuba.

Three things that the Founders had a hard time preventing were 1) Chinese menus where you have a difficult time telling what you really ordered 2) The accumulation of crappy laws that build up over time which is like plaque building up on your teeth. 3) The problem of when one party, interest group or faction briefly takes over the control room and jams dumb laws down our throats that are then hard to get rid of. To wit: The Great Society (1960’s), Health Care Legislation (2010) and lousy tasting low sodium canned soup (1990’s). Unfortunately, 18th century technology was not advanced enough to allow the Founders to get into time machines to visit and check in on us. So they were kind of hoping that we would all keep our heads and not vote for big loud barking alpha dogs (Mr. Trump: 2016) or give one side too much power (the swarm of bug eyed liberal Democrats: 2008).

President Hillary Clinton: Hey Kaine! Whaddya say we spend $3 squad-zillion taxpayer dollars on converting health care coverage to a single payer East German style system so anyone walking by can just get it?
Vice President Tim Kaine: Great idea! Way to go there Hillary ol’ girl! (1)

Adhering to our constitutional processes can be slow to action. It can be annoying. But with the Trump Presidential Campaign jalopy sputtering, smoking, catching fire and blundering off the cliff into bumbling defeat we will be glad that our powder wigged founders erected constitutional bulwarks – today known as gridlock – to help prevent the Clintonista Regime next year from unilaterally imposing all their secularism and central planning nonsense upon us.

Frightfully Yours,
Richard J. Lowery Jr.

(1) Our post- modern sophisticated sensibilities may not approve of the term, “Hillary-ole girl” due to its gender bias; hence, I have provided several gender neutral options that are more post-modern and more sophisticated.
a. “Way to go there Hillary – ol’ humanoid”
b. “Way to go there Hillary – ol’ goy” (merge boy and girl)
c. “Way to go there Hillary – ol’ collection of molecular structures that have evolved randomly over time through accidental mutations to form your present configuration which is inconsequential and quite meaningless as opposed to the superstitious Judeo-Christion tradition which holds that God intended for your existence and that you are intrinsically valuable.”

Obama Gets Something Right – Obamacare Is Like The Samsung Phones That Catch Fire

We are in the midst of a crazy election season, so some of the nutty things President Obama mutters fall under the radar. But what he said about Obamacare deserves a second look. He compared it to the Samsung phones that are spontaneously catching fire. The mind boggling part is his argument that even though his signature legislation is going up in flames we should keep it, Seriously.

During a speech at Miami Dade College in Florida Thursday, the president used several analogies to describe Obamacare, which has faced widespread scrutiny in recent months as several leading insurance companies have pulled out of the exchanges. He compared the policy to a “starter home” in need of repairs and ultimately the Galaxy Note 7, which was recalled by Samsung earlier this month because they are catching fire.

However, even though the smartphone is facing setbacks, Obama said, “You don’t go back to using a rotary phone.”

“You don’t say, ‘We’re repealing smartphone,’” he added. (Read More)

Ugh, I can’t even stand it. This law needs a complete recall, just like Samsung phones. It wouldn’t be a recall of health care, or health insurance, it would just be a recall of the worst law passed in decades.

We just found out our new health insurance rates for 2017. It’s totally insane. Since 2010 our premiums have more than doubled. Now the cost of insuring our healthy family is more than our mortgage payment. We’ve worked hard our whole lives and made sure our family has always been insured, and we are being punished for it. They should at least change the name of the law from The Affordable Care Act to something more appropriate, like The Punish Hard Working Middle Class Families Act.

I can’t wait until next summer when I get to tell my kids that we can’t go on vacation because our health insurance premiums went up so much. Or in a few years we can explain how those premiums ate up so much of our income that we weren’t able to put anything away for them to go to college. Or a few years after that when I can’t babysit my grandchildren during the day because I’ll be working well into my seventies.

But we all know this was by design. The plan is to push so many people to the financial breaking point that they roll over and accept a government-run, single payer system. And any hope of changing that went out the window the day Donald Trump accepted the nomination of the Republican Party to run for president. The opportunity of a lifetime was wasted. Hillary Clinton is the worst person the Democrats could have found to run, all the Republicans had to do was nominate anyone who is fairly decent and sane. But no, they gave us Trump instead.

Thanks, Fox News. Thanks Rush Limbaugh. Thanks, Ann Coulter. Thanks, Sean Hannity. Thanks, Laura Ingraham. Thanks, Breitbart News. I’ll think of all of you who pushed this perverted orange clown to angry voters every time I write that health insurance premium check. You might not have helped to pass this law, but the guy you promoted funded the people who did, and by helping him get the nomination you guaranteed that it will never be repealed. Way to go.