The 9/11 Message That Terrifies Washington

The following is a guest post by John Anthony.


The 9/11 Message that Terrifies Washington

by John Anthony

Perhaps the greatest attribute of the American spirit is that even in the aftershocks of the worst wreckage, we seek to learn.  Rather than flounder in horrors that should have never happened, we pursue ways to assure they will not again.

September 11, 2001 provided what may be Americans’ greatest opportunity to learn.

In the weeks following 9/11 Americans regained camaraderie and national pride.  Race issues receded, government protected groups found less need for protection, American flags waved from car roofs and highway overpasses.  The quiet made friends and the typically thoughtless made way for strangers.

There was unity. A cohesion many seek again. Many turned to God, technology, the past, and the government for direction. But the most valuable lesson of 9/11 is what did not happen.

No military fighter jets shrieked in to deflect the four doomed airliners.
No clever FBI worker spotted the trail of clues and subdued the murderers at the last minute.
No NSA employee heeded the data warning of the ominous thread between the killers and Al Qaeda.

The lesson was thunderous. At the time we needed it most, government was absent.

That is not the fault of government, but of its nature.  That nature in 2001 and since, now begs Americans to revisit that message.  To re-evaluate our relationship with Washington, with politicians and with our own community neighbors.

The government we see today is alien to our Founders’ vision. Rather than limited and controlled, it has become gargantuan.  The more it grows the more flawed its outcomes.

  • The government’s 2005 response to Hurricane Katrina became tabloid mockery.  Faulty sections of New Orleans’s levees constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers, frozen communications between the state and federal government, and mass disorganization characterized the lead up and inept response to the disaster.
  • The financial meltdown of 2008 began with demands by the federal government for banks to lower lending standards through the Clinton-Bush years. HUD’s pushing Fannie and Freddie to back trillions of dollars of “affordable mortgages,” thereby increasing the numbers of poorly qualified buyers, exacerbated the problem.  This government-fueled chain reaction eventually led to the mortgage bubble and financial crash.
  • The government’s 2010 takeover of the healthcare industry, rather than save families money, generated premium increases higher than before the Affordable Care Act passed. High deductibles and limited doctor choice are reducing the quality of care for many.

Nor are all failures on such a grand scale.

Government alarms about the life-threatening risks of second hand smoke turned out false.

In a total 2012 U.S. embarrassment, 11 secret service agents tasked with guarding President Obama spent their first night in Cartagena, Columbia partying with prostitutes on taxpayer money.

As the failures escalate, Americans are in the conflicting position of distrusting Washington, at the same time they depend on it.

Infrastructure grants from the Department of Transportation, Title 1 grants from the Department of Education and HUD’s affordable housing funds are budgetary necessities for states, counties and cities.

That dependence is the career politician’s lifeblood.  Distraction is their heartbeat.

To sidetrack Americans from the government’s failures and gather votes, our government pits special interest groups against one another and fabricates causes to which they rally.

Gay rights, African American rights, crime rates, the wage gap and more continue to keep Americans divided.  Yet the more politicians decry them, the worse they become.

Race riots are becoming epidemic, crime is rising after a decade of decline and income equality is worse than before the government campaign to see its end.

When Islamic terrorists attacked the World Trade Center, America was already in conflict.

In April of 2001, Socialist leaders continued to gin up “Black rage” over the Cincinnati riots following the police shooting of African American Timothy Thomas.  Meanwhile the right argued to blame the criminals not the defenders.

In May, the research article “Hatred in the Hallways” called for federal intervention to prevent violence against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Sound familiar?  Politicians use these same issues as distractions today.

  • President Obama created a moral dilemma and massive clashes between tolerant Americans and the well-meaning LGBT community by forcing schools to allow men in girl’s bathrooms based on gender identity.
  • Shortly after the Zimmerman-Martin trial, President Obama spoke about the decision from the White House.  He no sooner told Americans “the jury has spoken” than he lamented that “…Martin could have been me…” He then used his speech to “retry” the case from the WH with a reverse outcome.

By exploiting society’s weaknesses, politicians create endless clashes, define special interest groups, and then passionately defend them to harvest votes for the next election cycle.

As the conflicts grow, people turn to the same government that exacerbated the problems to provide their solutions.  It is ironic that the very politicians that caused the 2008 financial meltdown have their names on the Dodd-Frank law that will supposedly prevent its recurrence.

The only way to regain American unity and strength is to remove our dependence on the federal government.  Local communities must return to the principles that built cohesion.  We must relearn ways to live on the money our communities have. Relearn how to work together to help the poor, build low income housing and find alternate ways to raise additional monies when needed.

That is the lesson of September 11, 2001.  That government is not the answer to our problems.  That without it, we position ourselves to win back the camaraderie, creativity and pride that truly built our great nation.

The United States government must never be the central character in our hopes for the future.  At best, beyond defense, it plays a supporting role.  Our job is to see that it plays that role honestly

John Anthony is a nationally acclaimed speaker, researcher and writer.  He is the founder of Sustainable Freedom Lab. Mr. Anthony is the former Director of Sales and Marketing for Paul Mitchell Systems, Inc.  In 1989, he founded Corporate Measures, LLC, a management development firm. In 2012, Mr. Anthony turned his attention to community issues including the balance between federal agency regulations and local autonomy.
In January 2016, Mr. Anthony was a guest at the prestigious Rutgers University School of Management Fellowship Honoring Dr. Louis Kelso.  In March 2016, he was the keynote speaker on property rights at the Palmetto Panel at Clemson University.

Changing Things Up A Bit

I still don’t know what I plan to do with this blog, if anything. I do still get the occasional urge to voice my opinion, plus the guest posts and the Saturday Funnies. So I will keep it going for the time being. But I don’t have the time nor the desire to regularly post, so I’m going change the “Today’s Headlines” page to a sticky post which should stay at the top of the blog. So every day you can go to get the headlines from the websites I still follow. Then all you need to do is follow the links. That way at least there will be fresh news to follow during what may be long stretches between posts.

Brave New World: College Students Told Not To Take Course If They Want To Debate Climate Change

Oh what a Brave New World we live in. A world where debate is not allowed, even in institutions of higher learning.

Three professors co-teaching an online course called “Medical Humanities in the Digital Age” at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs recently told their students via email that man-made climate change is not open for debate, and those who think otherwise have no place in their course.

“The point of departure for this course is based on the scientific premise that human induced climate change is valid and occurring. We will not, at any time, debate the science of climate change, nor will the ‘other side’ of the climate change debate be taught or discussed in this course,” states the email, a copy of which was provided to The College Fix by a student in the course. (Read More)

If you think the next election will do anything to change this, think again. Politics doesn’t lead on these things, it follows. Politicians only make it worse. The left owns media, entertainment and education. Our side is so focused on the next election that we lose sight of the big picture. The left has been playing the long game, and they’re winning. They churn out celebrities while we churn out nerdy policy wonks. No wonder Donald Trump was able to win the GOP nomination.

Hillary Clinton Now As Unpopular As Donald Trump

There was good news today for Donald Trump supporters, not only did he dominate the news coverage with his surprise visit with the Mexican president, a new poll also came out showing that Hillary Clinton is just as unpopular as he is. Not in Mexico, here in the United States.

Hillary Clinton’s unpopularity reached a new high in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, putting her on par with Donald Trump among registered voters.

The latest findings solidify their positions as the two most unpopular presidential candidates in polling dating back more than 30 years.

Among all adults, 56 percent now view Clinton unfavorably, up 6 percentage points in three weeks, compared with 63 percent who say the same about Trump.

Among registered voters, the two candidates have nearly identical unfavorable ratings: 59 percent for Clinton versus 60 percent for Trump. (Read More)

So the way it looks, unless there’s a miraculous third party upset, the next president will be elected because he or she is hated by a few less voters than the other candidate. What’s that old saying? We get the candidates we deserve?

This Ad For Gary Johnson Is Awesome

Balanced Rebellion, a website promoting Gary Johnson to Republicans and Democrats who don’t want to vote for their respective party’s dreadful candidate, has put out this video that’s fantastic. An actor portraying “Dead Abe Lincoln” makes the case against both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but makes it fun. I love it!

From Red State, here’s a little recap:

“You have to choose between a corrupt president, and a crazy president. Like a two horse race where one horse cheats, and the other one eats Muslims.” said Dead Abe Lincoln.

“There’s Hillary, who’s like a Monopoly player using her get out of jail free card, then a rig an election card, and make millions on political favors card,” he continues. “And Trump, who’s like if your racist uncle got drunk and ran for President, then the nation got drunk and said that guy should [have] nuclear bombs.” (Read More)

This video makes the case for Gary Johnson better than any I’ve seen, and the idea behind Balanced Rebellion is great. On both sides you hear that if you vote third party you are giving away your vote to the other side. So they say they will match you up with a voter of the opposite party in your state, you both vote for Johnson, therefore not helping either of the candidates from the two major parties. I’m on board. And just for the record, I wouldn’t normally vote for Gary Johnson because there are a few issues I don’t agree with him on, and was hoping the Libertarians had nominated someone else. But they didn’t, and this isn’t a normal year. I agree with him on enough of the big issues, and in my opinion he’s better than Trump or Clinton.


Video: Gary Johnson In NH

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson spoke at an event last week in New Hampshire and it looks like he had a pretty decent crowd there cheering him on. Michael Isenberg posted this video with highlights from Johnson’s speech. I don’t think he’s the perfect candidate, but in my opinion he’s better than either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, and he’s on the ballot in just about every state. At the very least he should have a spot on the debate stage so all Americans can hear his message and realize they do have another choice.

One final note, I showed this video to Mr. LC, who doesn’t like Trump but is thinking of voting for him because Hillary is so wretched. He liked what he heard. Just think, if everyone who says they would vote for Johnson, but he can’t win, would actually vote for him, maybe he will win and turn the two party system on its head.

Saturday Funnies

Here you go, this week’s Saturday Funnies. So sad that we don’t have a decent candidate running against her. Sigh. Anyway, I hope you enjoy one of the last weekends of summer. Sigh again.



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They Couldn’t Have Scripted It Better

Good grief, this campaign story line sounds like it could have come right out of House of Cards. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and their pals in the media really outdid themselves this time.

It is a regular and sustained pattern and practice from Donald Trump.

Two days ago, the national political press announced that Hillary Clinton would, today, give a speech in Nevada about Donald Trump raising up the alt-right. It would be a speech about Trump inciting racial bigotry and hatred.

So what does Trump do?

Last night he calls Hillary Clinton a bigot. He goes completely off script and bashes Hillary as a bigot who does not care about blacks or hispanics.

That cues up her speech perfectly. It will double the press attention. It will allow her to respond. It’s just the perfect set up. (Read More)

For the past day or two that’s what the media has focused on. Who do you think comes out looking better? The moment in the Trump speech when he called Hillary a bigot a supporter standing behind him made a face, and the media played it over and over again. Like, this is too much for even some of his supporters. Then she goes and gives a speech, accusing him of all sorts of things that are true, not made up like her side usually does. Not only is he tanking the election, he’s damaged the conservative movement. He’s doing more to damage it more than Hillary Clinton, who is now openly courting conservatives who aren’t part of the disturbing new alt right. If you’re one of those people she’s courting, don’t fall for it. Vote third party.