Mosque With Terrorist Ties Visited By Obama Also Practices Discrimination Against Women And Girls


I won’t hold my breath waiting for America’s most vocal feminists to denounce President Obama’s visit to a mosque that discriminates against women. (And I certainly won’t hold my breath waiting to hear liberals complain about how the mosque has strong ties to terrorist groups.)

President Obama praised Islam and recognized how “Islam has always been a part of America.”
(The first US mosque was built in 1929.) […]

The little girls at the mosque are forced to cover up and play in one corner of the gym.

Via facebook, here are a couple of pictures:


I’m Catholic, and I’ve often heard criticism of my church for not allowing women to become priests. But I’ve never been to a Catholic church that separated me from boys and men. And can you imagine if a Republican president went to such a church? We’d never hear the end of it! Oh, but let’s all apologize to the Muslims because we aren’t understanding or tolerant enough.