Let’s Move! Food Companies Suddenly Embrace Policy That Lets Them Profit From Food Kids Hate


Companies that supply food for school lunches that comply with Michelle Obama’s school lunch program have learned that they can still profit from selling crummy food that winds up in garbage cans. So they’ve dropped they’re opposition to the program. Gee, isn’t that a surprise? Why supply a quality product that people want to buy when you can supply a lousy product mandated by the government so you make a profit no matter what?

What kind of market are we talking about? It’s certainly not a free market, as schools are forced to serve products that conform to government “nutritional guidelines” and to purchase products from companies that are forced to make them. So yes, businesses do well when the government forces entities to purchase their products. (Read More)

Here’s a picture of one of the “healthy” lunches they’re selling in schools. Who would want to eat this? It looks like vomit with an apple.


The nasty lunch program expires at the end of the month. I predict that the Republican Congress will promise not to reauthorize it, and as soon as Democrats accuse them of denying children healthy lunches they will cave and keep it alive. In the mean time, people who can afford it will continue packing tasty lunches for their kids, while the poor kids throw the slop paid for by taxpayers in the garbage and go hungry.