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US Marines Saved Hundreds From Terrorist In France

Morraccan Terrorist

Well, here’s a little bit of good news for a Friday night. Two US Marines on a train from Brussels to somewhere in France were able to subdue a terrorist with an AK47 - and they were unarmed. There were over 500 passengers…

Gone Fishin’


Okay, so I’m probably not going to be doing any fishing. But I have taken a week of vacation from work and I’ve decided to be like a normal person and actually take a week of vacation from work. Which…

Power Outage


Sorry I won’t be able to do any more blogging tonight. A tractor trailer failed at making a u turn this afternoon and tore out our fence and took down the power pole. I’m writing this on my Kindle Fire,…

Chicago On The Potomac


Dr Owens: After years of being treated as if the Wisdom of the Ages were as relevant as Confucius in a fortune cookie now that we have Chicago on the Potomac the wisdom gained in the City that Works is suddenly spot-on.

Celebrities Whoop It Up In Cuba While Cuba Plays Obama For A Fool

Hilton, Castro

While Democrats and celebrities celebrated President Obama’s loosening of relations with Cuba, China was shipping illegal weapons to Cuba. The Castro regime is playing Obama for a fool, as IBD pointed out. Even though tourism remains illegal for Americans in Cuba, it doesn’t…

Saturday Funnies


Another Saturday, another batch of cartoons depicting the sad state of affairs under the Obama regime. This Branco Cartoon was found at Liberty Alliance This Branco Cartoon was also found at Liberty Alliance. And Dianny threw this together for All the Right…

Chart: The Rising Cost Of Obamacare Fines


Via the Daily Signal, here’s a chart showing how much the fines for failing to have health insurance under Obamacare are going up, and the IRS is the enforcement agency. In 2016 a family with household income of $50,000 will…