Still Searching

Jet 1

Sorry for the light posting. We’re still searching for our lost dog. I was out early this morning, then came home and posted his information on some missing dog sites and called all of the local animal shelters and veterinary…


Home Improvement


Sorry for the light posting today. I spent the day (and most of last night) doing some painting here in my house. I listened to the testimony of Kathleen Sebelius which wasn’t what I would call entertaining, but hey, that’s…


Clouds on a Sunny Day

On a crisp Fall day in Washington D.C. I made my way from the plaza in front of the Lincoln Memorial through the construction barriers surrounding the reflecting pool to the walkway approach to The Wall. A feeling of utter…


Injury Update Day 10

If you’re wondering why my commentary has been a bit short lately, it’s because I broke my wrist on Christmas. (No more ice skating for me, at least without some heavy-duty wrist guards.) Every other sentence I type contains at…