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Jorge Ramos Explains What It Means To Be A Journalist


Jorge Ramos, who plays a reporter for Univision, explained what it means to be a journalist. According to Mr. Ramos, a journalist’s job isn’t to report news. No, it’s to denounce politicians they disagree with. We should all thank him for clearing…

Talk About A Stretch


I took a screen grab from Instapundit - two tweets showing how horribly biased the media is on just about everything. The subject is the woman who just resigned from the OPM after the massive data hack involving millions of…

Is Anyone Surprised That George Stephanopoulos Donated A Boatload Of Cash To Clinton Foundation?

George Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos is a Democrat Party operative who has worked for ABC News for quite a few years. So it isn’t surprising to hear that he donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton is his former…

My, How Things Have Changed

Pam Geller

Who remembers the taxpayer funded award winning “art” project called “Piss Jesus,” in which a crucifix was immersed in a jar of urine? Another “art” project - a picture of the Virgin Mary smeared with elephant poop - was proudly displayed in a government funded…