Hillary Picks Up Teachers Union Endorsement


This doesn’t come as much of a surprise. The American Federation of Teachers has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, meaning Clinton is pretty much the candidate for the status quo. This counts in the fight for the Democratic Party nomination…

Good Advice For Young Men

feminism marxism

Stacy McCain has some good advice for young men in college, or planning to go to college. If you have a son, cousin, friend, sibling, or grandson entering college you might want to warn him about how things have changed. Feminists…

PhD Candidate Seeks Your Help With Political Study

College Students

I received the following from a PhD candidate at Stony Brook University asking for blog readers to take part in a survey about political mobilization. *** Political Mobilization:  Researchers Seek Participants in Online StudyMy name is Raynee Gutting and I…

The Common Core Cyber Snoops

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If you thought Common Core was bad before, you really aren’t going to like it now that it’s spun off cyber snoops that will be spying on the online activity of American kids. Politico has the scoop: It’s standardized testing…