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Democrat Accused Colleague’s Baby Of Racism

baby girl crying

Babies and toddlers are naturally leery of strangers, at least many of them are. It happens all the time, a stranger sees a cute little tot, starts talking and then the little one buries his (or her) head in the parent’s…

The Common Core Cyber Snoops

school desk

If you thought Common Core was bad before, you really aren’t going to like it now that it’s spun off cyber snoops that will be spying on the online activity of American kids. Politico has the scoop: It’s standardized testing…

Hillary Clinton Thinks We All Need To Go To Camp

Hillary Clinton

The American Camp Association paid Hillary Clinton to give a speech. I don’t know why a camp association would pay her high speaking fees, but they did. Maybe they knew she’d spout something ridiculous like this: “As I have gotten older,…

Two Words You Probably Don’t Want To Hear Together: Viagra And Sharpton

Al Sharpton

Something about the words “Viagra” and “Sharpton” in the same story makes my skin crawl. Sandy Rubenstein was cleared of a rape accusation Monday, but not before one final, potentially humiliating revelation emerged about his ex-pal Al Sharpton. A prescription…