Author: Lonely Conservative

This Ad For Gary Johnson Is Awesome

dead abe lincoln

Balanced Rebellion, a website promoting Gary Johnson to Republicans and Democrats who don’t want to vote for their respective party’s dreadful candidate, has put out this video that’s fantastic. An actor portraying “Dead Abe Lincoln” makes the case against both Hillary…

Video: Gary Johnson In NH

Gary Johnson

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson spoke at an event last week in New Hampshire and it looks like he had a pretty decent crowd there cheering him on. Michael Isenberg posted this video with highlights from Johnson’s speech. I don’t…

Saturday Funnies


Here you go, this week’s Saturday Funnies. So sad that we don’t have a decent candidate running against her. Sigh. Anyway, I hope you enjoy one of the last weekends of summer. Sigh again. Note: You may reprint this cartoon provided…