Author: Andy H

Obama is Racial Profiling Hollywood Studio


Twitchy shared the not reported sound bite of our post-racial President going off teleprompter. No government controlled media coverage of this so far exists as I can find. Rhetorical question: would the government media be covering this 24/7 if Rand Paul…

Is Speaker Boehner Finally Listening?


About a week ago, an article appeared on The Federalist  website that suggested a strategy of undercutting Obama’s perceived leverage with the debt ceiling limit while still continuing the shutdown. This strategy, according to the article, would allow for some negotiation on budget…

Obama Temper Tantrum Rocks Dow


This morning the Dow started the day at about 14,900. Before noon, news leaked that a call was made to Speaker Boehner by the President to tell him that there would be no negotiations. Obama Call to Boehner: No Negotiations Without…