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Clouds on a Sunny Day

On a crisp Fall day in Washington D.C. I made my way from the plaza in front of the Lincoln Memorial through the construction barriers surrounding the reflecting pool to the walkway approach to The Wall. A feeling of utter…


Wonder Why a Congressional District in Florida is a National Race?

Florida Congressional District 20 is stacking up to be a race of National importance. It isn’t so much what is there as who is running and what elevates it to the spotlight is the incumbent Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Wasserman Schultz has taken on a new responsibility since April as the Chair of the Democratic National Committee and as such is the mouthpiece for their platform and strategy.


My 2¢

The first thing I noticed when making this post was that the cent symbol isn’t even on the keyboard anymore. How sad is that? As a member of the international business community and an employee of a company that is…


My Pledge to the Government

* I will watch, listen, and learn not only what you do but why you are doing it.
* I will bear witness to the successes and the failures to uphold your oaths, pledges, and promises.
* I will devote my efforts to holding you accountable and spreading the word when you meet your obligations and when you fall short.
* I will not be swayed by party politics, financial enticements, power or fame.
* I will expend every effort to support you if you succeed or defeat you if you fail to live up to your commitments.

So help me God.


What’s Next

By failing to embrace the voice of the people, the GOP has tipped its hand with an undeniable and unmistakable “tell”. Like a child that did not get their own way, the establishment Republican Party has said by its actions, “Only we know what is right for the Right and these other people don’t deserve our attention or our ear.”