If Only He Didn’t Make It So Hard To Defend Him


This is a strange time for Republicans and conservatives who were anti-Trump. Now that he’s president, on the one hand it’s nice to see the Democrat Party in complete disarray. His Supreme Court pick seems pretty solid. I’m somewhat hopeful that the vehement, nearly psychotic, opposition to him by the left will push him to oppose anything they support.

On the other hand, well, Twitter. I understand that his supporters don’t care what he says or tweets. But the President of the United States of America should have a filter. The election is over. He won. He doesn’t need to tweet out every thought, or piss off our allies to drum up support. His supporters aren’t going to abandon him. If he wants to build political capital he needs to take a breath and be more of a statesman.

Earlier I posted Dr. Owens’s article, which concluded with this:

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.  Yes, I know most of the Silent Majority are too busy working to spend much time in political activism.  I also know that we face an army of people many on the government dole and many rich enough to finance a lifestyle of life in the trenches from their gated communities and country clubs.  However, we cannot leave our leader out there alone to face the coming storm.  We are all the support President Trump has.  The Progressives have the media, academia, Hollywood, and the Democrat Party.  Mr. Trump can’t even count on the Republicans.  Led by John McCain and Lindsey Graham these Never-Trumpers are reaching across the aisle to sabotage our re-boot of America.

I want to defend Trump against so much of this idiocy. I want to defend the policies he’s promoting that I agree with. But he just makes it so hard to defend him. Some of what he does and says is just cringe-worthy. I don’t have the time, nor the inclination, to go through it all. Not that I need to, just watch the news for a few minutes. He needs people coming to his defense. But he’s giving them so many soundbites, soundbites that make people who are just living their lives and hoping for the best feel a little anxious.

I want President Trump to succeed, I only wish he would chill out a teeny little bit so that coming to his defense wouldn’t be such a chore. Is that too much to ask?