No Joke – This Is The Holiday Greeting Sent Out By My Liberal Town Government


Sorry I haven’t blogging lately, things are busy with my day job, the family business, and the kids. I hope you’re all doing well. I have a little bit of time off so I thought I’d take a few minutes to share the holiday message sent to residents of the Town of DeWitt by our town government.

Happy Holidays! 
The Town of DeWitt wishes you a joyous, happy, and safe holiday season. 
Try one or all of these eco-friendly tips to start off the new year (some are good for the waistline too):
1) Limit your consumption of meat  and
2) Reduce your dairy consumption, (livestock contribute significantly to greenhouse gasses)
3) Stop using palm oil (it is destroying the rain forests at alarming rates),
4) Use reusable containers instead of disposable ones,
5) Reduce your seafood consumption,
6) Buy less “stuff”,
7) Find creative recipes using leftovers and throw less food away.
It was even written in red and green, just like it is here. Isn’t that festive? Maybe next year they’ll send people out to inspect residents’ refrigerators to make sure we are all eating the proper foods and using our leftovers wisely.