Ugh! I Hate To Say I Told You So….


This election is going exactly as I thought it would with Donald J. Trump as the nominee. This should have been the most winnable election for the GOP in decades, but no. About a third of Republican voters decided to roll the dice on the orange psycho who knows how to manipulate people’s emotions. I don’t feel like going back through the archives but I do recall warning people during the primary that the media was pushing Trump at the time, while sitting on all sorts of bombshells they would release right around now.

And hey, what do you know, an October Surprise!

On the bright side, this audio of Trump talking about women is so vulgar and terrible it can’t be aired on regular TV, so I guess that helps. And I know, Bill Clinton is a horrible person who is accused of doing a lot of horrible things. But Bill Clinton isn’t running and wasn’t dumb enough to get caught on tape showing his true colors. Not to mention that bringing up all of Slick Willy’s bad behavior only makes Hillary look more sympathetic to a lot of voters.

Way to go, GOP primary voters. Here’s your savior in all of his glory. Have fun defending him by pointing out how bad his opponent’s spouse is. That’s always a good strategy.

Did I mention that I’m still not convinced that Trump isn’t a Clinton plant? Not only will he lose the election, he’s bringing the Republican Party down with him.

UPDATE: Oh, never mind, Mr. Trump has apologized. His travels around the country have changed him. I’m certain that all of those independent voters out there in swing states are going to buy that.