It’s Official - Facts And Reality No Longer Matter In Politics


We’ve been heading in the “post-fact” direction for quite a while now. President Obama was elected in 2008 with no executive experience and only a couple of years in the Senate under his belt. He was reelected in 2012 despite a lousy economy, massive expansion of the federal government, and a failed foreign policy. Mitt Romney was mocked for being right about Russia and noting that maybe Big Bird didn’t need government funding. I didn’t think the insanity could get any worse. But then came 2016.

The Republican primary demonstrated that a good number of Republican Party voters don’t care about facts. They don’t care about reality. They just heard a former Democrat, who helped fund the progressive politicians they loathe, saying things they wanted to hear. The reason we heard so much from him, and not the 16 other candidates (no sense rehashing how about 12 of them should have dropped out but they were too delusional to do the right thing), is that the media wanted us to hear the former Democrat. Oh the media just love him back then, while they were sitting on all sorts of juicy stories to release in October. Some of us tried to sound the alarm, but we were ignored. Because facts no longer matter.

Trumpbart weirdo Milo Yiannopoulos is right, we are living in a “post-fact” era. But it isn’t “wonderful.” People vote on emotion, and Donald Trump might be a star for about 30% of the electorate, but he repels a lot more people than he attracts. Hillary Clinton may have led a life of corruption and be evil to the core, but most people probably don’t even know the half of it. Those that do overlook or excuse it, the same way Trump supporters overlook and excuse his disgusting behavior.

Now we have Trump supporters and surrogates denying reality. They tell us that millions of closet Trump voters who are too ashamed to admit they are voting for Trump are going to push him over the top next month. I suppose that’s possible, but it’s extremely unlikely. They say that talk of sexually assaulting women because you’re a “star” is just normal locker room banter. They say the women accusing him of sexual assault are liars, but those who accused Bill Clinton of sex crimes should be believed.

(And seriously, how bad is it when you’re reduced to arguing that your candidate’s best chance of winning is that he’s so awful people are ashamed to admit they’re voting for him?)

So we are officially in a post-fact, post-reality, post-logical consistently era. That’s why I don’t really bother with blogging much anymore. Nobody wants to hear the truth. So why bother?

Anyway, in keeping with the post-reality era, I will be voting third party for president. I was leaning towards Gary Johnson, but he’s a bit of a train wreck, so I’ll probably write in Evan McMullin. At least if I give him my vote I can do so with a clean conscience. Who knows, maybe he’ll pull off some kind of miracle upset. Hey, you have your delusions, I have mine. At least in my delusion there’s some kind of hope for the republic.

Now we can all enjoy our delusions until November 8, when reality is going to come crashing down on us like a ton of bricks. Enjoy it while it lasts.