Hillary Is Okay, She Was Just Powering Through


I’m sure you heard all about how Hillary Clinton had to leave a 9/11 ceremony on Sunday because she was “overheated” and then nearly collapsed while making her escape. Her campaign then decided to reveal that she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, and being the hard working woman that she is, she decided to just power through the illness - because that’s what working moms do! Never mind that Clinton is 68 years old and has an illness that can kill if left untreated. She is Wonder Woman and can do anything, even without water! And naturally, once the talking points were set, the media was quick to run with it.

Via Free Beacon, here’s a little montage in case you missed it.

What’s most ironic about this is how, thanks to progressives like Clinton, the federal government is now supposed to be the entity that knows best what’s best for us. They have no problem trying to dictate what we eat, where we get our health insurance, and how much exercise we get. Yet here’s the woman who wants to lead this great big leviathan and she not only fails to listen to medical advice when faced with a serious illness, she doesn’t even have the sense to stay hydrated.

Oh, and if this is what “powering through” looks like, well, I’d hate to see when she’s really feeling ill.