While Milwaukee Burns Obama Golfs


Well, this is the leadership we’ve come to expect over the past 7+ years. Milwaukee is literally burning and President Obama is playing golf on Martha’s Vineyard. Heaven forbid he interrupt his vacation to address the race war waging in this country. It’s almost like he wants this to happen.

Rioting and violence still plague the streets of northern Milwaukee over 48 hours after the death of Sylville Smith, and young black men who was shot to death by a black police officer after resisting arrest Saturday.

Local businesses have been set on fire, law enforcement officials have been attacked and injured, and the National Guard has been called in to diffuse the chaos.

“Where’s Barack Obama today?” Mark Levin asked on his radio program Monday night. “He’s playing golf on Martha’s Vineyard.”

Read the whole thing to find out what else happened this weekend, something that didn’t result in violence, chaos and widespread property damage.

I’m only surprised Obama didn’t come out to condemn the cop who shot the guy who refused to drop his gun.