Trump Says To Give Clinton The Benefit Of The Doubt


Hey Trump folks, this is what your man said about the Clinton Foundation raking in money from Saudi Arabia.

Trump sounded reluctant to go after Clinton in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, which the pro-Trump host aired on Wednesday.

“We know that gays and lesbians in Saudi Arabia can get the death penalty … would you ever take money from a country that treats gays, lesbians, Jews and Christians that way?” Hannity asked.

“Well you don’t want to do that and if they knew about it that would be one thing and I assume they knew about it, bigly, but certainly they know about it now so maybe they can give the money back,” Trump said, as the crowd laughed at his answer.

“Wait a minute, they knew about it,” Hannity interrupted, “because that has been Saudi Arabia’s practice for years.”

“But you know what, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. They certainly knew —” Trump said before Hannity cut him off.

“You’re going to give Hillary the benefit of the doubt?” Hannity interjected. “I’m not.”

“You know what, you know what, they should give the money back,” Trump responded.

This is the same guy who had no problem repeating conspiracy theories about his Republican opponents, but wants to give Hillary the benefit of the doubt. Well, I guess it’s nice to see he’s finally decent to someone. Too bad that someone is Hillary Clinton. Oh, and in case you forgot about Saudi Arabia’s record:

Women can’t drive, are told whether they can work, what they can wear. Gays and lesbians are executed. You can’t build Jewish temples. You can’t build Christian churches. Is that the kind of nation a charitable foundation should accept donations from?

Oh, and didn’t most of the 9/11 hijacking mass murdering terrorists come from Saudi Arabia? But sure, let’s just give Hillary the benefit of the doubt, and continue to delude ourselves into believing that this guy is fighting for the things we believe in.

Just as a side note, be sure to read all about Trump’s new campaign chief. What a guy.