This Is Rich - Democrats Blame Health Insurer For Destruction Caused By Obamacare


Words can’t really describe the audacity of Democrats blaming a health insurer for the destruction caused by Obamacare, a law the Democrats are 100% responsible for. In a normal world this would be big news, but we no longer live in a normal world.

Democrats claimed for years that ObamaCare is working splendidly, though anybody acquainted with reality could see the entitlement is dysfunctional. Now as the law breaks down in an election year, they’ve decided to blame private insurers for their own failures.

Their target this week is Aetna, which has announced it is withdrawing two-thirds of its ObamaCare coverage, pulling out of 536 of 778 counties where it does business. The third-largest U.S. insurer has lost about $430 million on the exchanges since 2014, and this carnage is typical. More than 40 other companies are also fleeing ObamaCare.

The mass exodus will leave consumers consigned to the exchanges with surging premiums and fewer options, but don’t mention these victims to Democrats. They’re trying to change the subject by claiming Aetna is retaliating because the Justice Department is trying to block Aetna’s $37 billion acquisition of Humana.

The 2010 ObamaCare law makes it nearly impossible for non-mega insurers to operate, and a tide of regulations has encouraged consolidation.

Read the whole thing. It gets even worse.

It’s a shame the Republicans nominated a candidate who thinks the government should pay for everyone’s health insurance because of all of those Americans dying in the middle of the street.