They Couldn’t Have Scripted It Better


Good grief, this campaign story line sounds like it could have come right out of House of Cards. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and their pals in the media really outdid themselves this time.

It is a regular and sustained pattern and practice from Donald Trump.

Two days ago, the national political press announced that Hillary Clinton would, today, give a speech in Nevada about Donald Trump raising up the alt-right. It would be a speech about Trump inciting racial bigotry and hatred.

So what does Trump do?

Last night he calls Hillary Clinton a bigot. He goes completely off script and bashes Hillary as a bigot who does not care about blacks or hispanics.

That cues up her speech perfectly. It will double the press attention. It will allow her to respond. It’s just the perfect set up. (Read More)

For the past day or two that’s what the media has focused on. Who do you think comes out looking better? The moment in the Trump speech when he called Hillary a bigot a supporter standing behind him made a face, and the media played it over and over again. Like, this is too much for even some of his supporters. Then she goes and gives a speech, accusing him of all sorts of things that are true, not made up like her side usually does. Not only is he tanking the election, he’s damaged the conservative movement. He’s doing more to damage it more than Hillary Clinton, who is now openly courting conservatives who aren’t part of the disturbing new alt right. If you’re one of those people she’s courting, don’t fall for it. Vote third party.