Sorry, I Can’t Get Over My Ability To Think, Nor Should I


Yesterday I read something written by another conservative blogger telling people like me, who have failed to hop aboard the Trump Train, to grow up and just “get over it.” Like we’re all team players who should just accept the leader of our team no questions asked.

I get the argument, the Supreme Court is at risk. Hillary Clinton is absolutely horrible in every way. I get it. Totally. I’ve been there in past campaigns. But this year is different. This year we are being asked to support a progressive guy who is insane. Or maybe he isn’t insane, maybe he is just a Democrat plant put in place to act insane and secure Hillary Clinton’s victory and increase his own brand awareness. I don’t know, and I don’t really care. Plus, I live in New York so my vote for president doesn’t really count, and hardly anybody reads this blog anymore anyway. So no, I will not abandon my principles and “get over it.”

I will not abandon my sanity and “get over it.” It isn’t “Never Trump” conservatives causing him to make gaffe after gaffe. It isn’t “Never Trump” people causing him to fail to capitalize on the daily revelations of Hillary Clinton’s corruption. That’s all on him.  He hasn’t done a damned thing to win us over. Every time I think maybe I could bring myself to vote for him he says something that makes me cringe.

He was going to pivot and become more presidential. He delivered a few speeches from the teleprompter and it seemed like maybe he was going to stop with the schtick that’s turning off so many voters that aren’t already on the Trump Train. Then he went and brought Steve Bannon on board his campaign team, reportedly because his former pro-Russia campaign guru, who is still on the payroll, was holding him back. Bannon, of Breitbart News, whose writers were paid to write pro-Russia articles about the Ukraine situation. Oh and Roger Ailes, formerly of Fox News, is now one of his top advisers. Ailes, who had to leave his job because of sexual harassment allegations.  All that tells me is that I was right all along, that the biggest “conservative” media outlets were in the tank for him from day one.

So no, I will not get over it. Call me a crybaby. Call me a sore loser. Call me whatever you want, but I still have the ability to think. I still have the ability to tell the difference between someone who genuinely believes in the same things I do and someone who is just pretending. I might have lost my party. I might have lost most of the readers of this blog. But I haven’t lost my mind, and I haven’t lost my principles. So maybe I’m not the one who needs to get over it.

This is what I do know, no matter who wins the presidential election, it’s important to have good people in the House and the Senate. So if you’re like me, and you can’t bring yourself to vote for the orange thing, please don’t sit this out. He might be defeated in an unprecedented landslide, but we really can’t afford to let decent down-ticket candidates lose because of this mess. But if that does happen, maybe I’ll do a post telling all of the Trump cheerleaders to get over it. It certainly won’t be my fault, and it won’t be the fault of principled conservatives who refused to get in line.

But hey, tell yourself whatever you want.