Some Donations To Trump Campaign Going To Pay Increased Rent To Trump Tower


There have been quite a few questions lately about what the Donald Trump campaign is doing with all of the money it’s raising. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is spending millions and millions of dollars on television advertising, and has even shifted some funds to states that previously were believed to be solid red and not worth the investment. She also has an enormous campaign operation with hundreds of staffers and offices all over the country. Trump, on the other hand, has a skeleton staff and is running very few ads to counter Clinton’s dominance of the airwaves.

Well, now we know where at least part of the money is going - on office space. Unfortunately for his donors who no doubt believe in the guy, not on campaign offices in crucial swing states.

The Huffington Postreports that the rent at Trump Tower, the headquarters of the Trump campaign, was $35,458 in March. It gradually increased to $72,800 at the end of May to $110,364 in June and finally, $169,758 in July.

Despite the increase in rent, Trump’s paid campaign staff has shrunk from the previous year: 197 to 172 in July. That number fluctuated in recent months, from 166 in May to 139 in June to 172 in July.

The Trump campaign’s excuse for the increase in rent despite the decrease in campaign staff is that they “expanded into larger quarters” and that “Mr. Trump makes a personal contribution of $2 million per month to the campaign, obviously a much higher amount than rent.”

The main reason for the increase in rent is likely due to the fact that most of Trump’s campaign spending comes from outside donors instead of his own money.

An anonymous Republican National Committee member was not pleased.

Read the whole thing to find out other ways Donald Trump and his children are finding a way to profit from his flailing campaign.

But hey, be sure to leave comments telling me how rotten I am for not supporting him. As usual, I will concede that Hillary Clinton is a horrible woman who is unfit to be president. The latest revelation is that access to her while she was Secretary of State was wide open to large dollar Clinton Foundation donors. I agree, it’s awful. But if I were a Trump donor I would probably be a little more angry about him using my hard-earned money to enrich himself and his family under the guise of trying to win an election. Then again, I’m not a Trump donor, nor am I a Trump supporter or apologist, so I’m not inclined to use mental gymnastics to make up excuses for the buffoon.