So What If Donald Trump And George Soros Are Pals, Never Mind!


I haven’t had much time lately to keep up with all of the George Soros news, I know he’s been funding the Black Lives Matter roving violence movement, among other things. So of course, conservative crusader Donald Trump is probably all over the guy for trying to make America crap.

Oh, sorry, never mind. It looks like Trump and Soros go way back.

Over the years, the two billionaires have had tabloid-friendly professional dealings, teaming up to build one of North America’s most recognizable skyscrapers—and shared billing on a lawsuit over the sale of the most expensive building in New York City.

The two billionaires even palled around one Christmas Eve. None of this means Donald Trump is a covert George Soros puppet. But it’s already given some conservatives pause.

The pair’s relationship goes back more than a decade.

Well, there must have been a point when Trump realized Soros is a bad actor and disavowed him. But no.

A search of tweets from the mogul mentioning Soros turns up zero results. And Trump even once encouraged conservatives to lay off the billionaire.

“Oh, forget Soros, leave him alone, he’s got enough problems,” Trump said at a 2011 Tea Party rally when one attendee yelled the billionaire’s name at him.

“He goes, ‘What about Soros!’” Trump continued. “Let’s talk about somebody else.”

Glenn Beck highlighted the exchange on his radio show and criticized Trump for his glibness.

Trump even nabbed a Team Soros alum for his finance team. (Read More)

But I’m sure it’s okay and we can all trust Mr. Trump to be the champion of all we hold dear. You know, because Soros prefers his gal pal Hillary.

Please, don’t call me names. I know I’m just an uptight conservative who can’t bring herself to shut up, sit down and get over it because I’m too busy clutching my pearls. I should get some counseling so I can bring myself to cast my vote for the guy who is the embodiment of every negative caricature of conservatives and is good buddies with the people who have dedicated their lives to bringing our republic down. Maybe you can send me to a reeducation camp where I’m subjected to nothing but Breitbart News 24/7 until I get my head straight.