Sirius XM Should Bring Back Mike Church


Now that Trumpbart News Service CEO Steve Bannon is going to work for the Trump campaign I think that Sirius XM needs to bring back Mike Church to their early morning line up. If they did I would tune in. I tried Brietbart News for a few weeks but had to move along for obvious reasons. I might listen again on my way to work if they brought back Mike Church, and he’s willing to fill the slot.

I publicly volunteer to resume my duties as morning host on SiriusXM, I have the experience, I have the relationship with the sponsors and most of all, tens of thousands of SiriusXM listeners remain devoted to the Mike Church Show and would follow it back to Satellite Radio; what exactly is there to think about here!?

Come on Sirius XM and the Patriot Channel, make my morning commute pleasant again. Please.