Should Conservatives Form A New Party?


That’s the big question. As far as the 2016 election goes, it’s a little bit too late. But I suppose it’s worth looking at going forward.

The Republican Party certainly doesn’t represent us, and any hope of changing the GOP into a more conservative party vanished with the nomination of Donald Trump. So I’m certainly open to the idea.

I wonder what they would call it. The word “conservative” has been maligned for so long by the media, Democrats and the entertainment industry it might become just another minor party that has little influence in elections. (Like the Conservative Party in New York, which is not conservative, by the way.)

Conservatives have been wrongly tagged as “far right,” as if we are fascists, which isn’t even close to the truth. True conservatives are more like classical liberals, but that probably doesn’t appeal to the younger generations. I’m thinking something that would indicate that the new party is really the new centrist alternative. On the left we have the radical progressive Democrats, and on the right we have the nationalistic, authoritarian Republicans. Conservatives should form a party distinguishing themselves as the ones in the middle who represent the most Americans.

It shouldn’t be hard to convince normal, hard working American people that preserving freedom is a good idea. Most people agree that balanced budgets make sense and that property rights should be protected.  Most people don’t want to pay higher taxes. While they believe a safety net for when people fall on hard times is needed, it should never become a way of life. They want to be left alone to pursue their goals in life, and leave others alone to do the same.

My only caution to this new party would be not to go too far on social issues. I know they are important, but these are things best left to state and local governments, and unfortunately, the culture. Until we figure out how to change the culture, if we keep trying to fight these things from a political front we are going to keep losing.

Well, that’s my two cents on the subject. Until a viable, common sense, freedom-promoting new party emerges I’ll just continue to be a disgusted observer of the political scene.