Gross: Report Says Trump Hit On Beauty Contestants


Before Donald Trump bought the Miss Universe pageant he was involved in the American Dream Calendar Girls pin-up competition. Apparently things didn’t go so well in that venture. Trump was accused of hitting on the pageant’s co-founder and some of the contestants. He also was accused of bilking the founders out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, which sounds about right.

Harth, the vice president of American Dream, “alleged in court documents that Trump repeatedly came on to her and groped her under the table during the Oak Room dinner before the party piled into his limousine,” the Globe reported.

Harth also said that Trump kissed, tried to fondle and restrained her in a bedroom often used by his daughter Ivanka, then 11, when the couple visited his home.

Harth said in the lawsuit that she found Trump’s advances so off-putting that they caused her to “vomit profusely.”

One of contestants in pageant, then 22, found the then-46 year old Trump in her bed when contestants stayed at his estate, the lawsuit alleged. He suggested she sleep with him, according to the suit.

The lawsuit also alleged that Trump insisted that black women be excluded from the contest. (Read More)

Trump denied the allegations, and still does, but he did settle the lawsuit out of court. He’s so creepy and disgusting, I can’t believe anyone would want him to be president.

Oh, and Trump really hopes there won’t be violence at the convention. Wink. Wink.