Something Has To Give


This presidential primary season is enough to make a sane person go nuts. On the bright side for Republicans, at least we have more to choose from than a socialist and someone who could be indicted at any moment. But that’s the best news. We have the most arrogant, narcissistic, unprincipled, dishonest, nasty person we could have asked for as our front runner. Not that anyone really asked for Donald Trump in the beginning. It wasn’t until he figured out what people wanted to hear and was given a megaphone by the media that he became the one to beat.

If it was a two man race at this point it’s doubtful Trump would be in the lead. But unfortunately we have two candidates who have no honest path to the nomination hoping to hang on until the convention. But even if Marco Rubio and/or John Kasich make it to the convention, what are they going to do, hope the establishment picks them and totally piss off two-thirds of their own party?

They need to get out now and leave it up to Republican primary voters to decide between Trump and Ted Cruz. Oh, and I guess we also have to let Democrat voters in open-primary states help with that decision. They have been going for Trump, by the way. Either they see him as the liberal that he is, or they hope he will get the nomination because he will lose the general election. There might be a small chance he could turn things around, but it’s doubtful, he’s got really high unfavorability ratings and he’s down by double digits when matched up against Clinton or Sanders in the polls.

To complicate matters, the establishment is freaking out at the prospect of a Trump presidency, which only makes some anti-establishment like him even more, even though he lies all the time and is pretty much making a fool out of everyone. (Even last night after winning 3 primaries he couldn’t help himself.)

Well, here’s a newsflash for all of the anti-establishment Trump supporters: Not all of us who oppose Donald Trump are part of the establishment. I’m about as far from the establishment as you can get without dumping politics altogether. A good 60 to 70 percent of Republican primary voters don’t like Trump, that doesn’t make them part of, or in favor of, the establishment.

One of the big reasons I like Ted Cruz is that after he went to the Senate he actually took on the establishment of both parties. Donald Trump gave him crap because he called Mitch McConnell a liar. So who is anti-establishment again? Right now the only thing the establishment likes about Ted Cruz is that he isn’t Donald Trump. That doesn’t make Cruz one of them. Carly Fiorina gets it, she recognizes the writing on the wall and came out today with an endorsement for Cruz.

All I can think at this point is that the establishment is hoping that either Rubio or Kasich can pull off some sort of political miracle. But the polls and the math show that’s not going to happen. It doesn’t even look like Rubio can win his home state. His campaign is on  life support.

Someone needs to sit down with those two and talk some sense into them. All they are doing now is moving Donald Trump a little closer to the nomination. Something has to give. And soon. Otherwise we are in for at least four more years of a Democrat/Socialist in the White House.

UPDATE: Just another thought about the whole “establishment vs. anti-establishment” battle. I wonder if the capitalist reformers in Russia who were against the Bolshevics leading up to the Russian Revolution were considered to be part of the aristocracy. In that case the establishment was pretty bad, but what replaced it was a heck of a lot worse. I can only imagine how those people must have felt. Like watching a train wreck in slow motion, only worse. I’m not saying Trump will be like the Bolshevics but what I am saying is that  “anti-establishment” shouldn’t be the only thing you base your vote on. Bernie Sanders is running as the anti-establishment Democrat. That doesn’t mean he will make a good president. Not to mention that before he decided to run for president, Donald Trump enabled and benefited from the establishment of both parties for a very long time.