There He Goes Again – Trump Just Can’t Stop Lying


Believe it or not, I do not want to write about Donald Trump. I’d like to just ignore him, but that’s impossible. He won’t stop lying about his opponents, especially Ted Cruz. And he keeps getting away with it.

I don’t have time to look into all of the lies he tells, since it’s pretty much constant, but here are two that came out today, both by early afternoon. I’m sure there were more later.

Ted Cruz aired an ad about Trump’s stance on the federal government relinquishing control of land to the states. Trump very clearly came out against that idea in an interview with Field and Stream last month. He said that the states wouldn’t do a good job of keeping the land “great” the way the federal government does. There is video and a written account of what he said. It couldn’t be more clear, but he flat out denied it, and of course he turned around and called Cruz the liar. He’s as bad as Obama.

This is what Trump said, word for word. And here’s the link to the article if you don’t believe me.

I don’t like the idea because I want to keep the lands great, and you don’t know what the state is going to do. I mean, are they going to sell if they get into a little bit of trouble? And I don’t think it’s something that should be sold. We have to be great stewards of this land. This is magnificent land. And we have to be great stewards of this land. And the hunters do such a great job—I mean, the hunters and the fishermen and all of the different people that use that land. So I’ve been hearing more and more about that. And it’s just like the erosion of the Second Amendment. I mean, every day you hear Hillary Clinton wants to essentially wipe out the Second Amendment. We have to protect the Second Amendment, and we have to protect our lands.

That sounds pretty clear to me.

He also flat out lied about Cruz’s record on immigration. (In all fairness to Trump, Marco Rubio has been lying about Cruz’s immigration record, and his own immigration record, for months now. But that doesn’t make it right.) Ted Cruz has been consistent in his opposition to illegal immigration and amnesty. He has consistently said that the federal government must follow immigration laws and deport illegal immigrants who are apprehended. He has said that he would not allow them back into the country after being deported. (Unlike Trump.) And he has also said that he wouldn’t send jack boots to go door to door in search of illegal immigrants, which is something we don’t do in the United States. Yet Trump keeps lying about it despite all of the proof.

Go ahead, click here and you will see the proof that Cruz has been consistent over the years on immigration. Back when Trump was sending money to open borders Democrats Cruz was fighting them. But now we’re supposed to think Trump is the only man in America who can solve the immigration problem.

I can’t stand it.