Pope Francis Coming To The Border To Shame Us On Immigration


Pope Francis will be visiting Mexico and he’ll go to the US border to hold a mass, no doubt to shame us into letting even more migrants into our country.

The pope will hold a cross-border Mass in Ciudad Juárez on Feb. 17 just 90 yards from the U.S. frontier. Some 200,000 people are expected to attend on the Mexican side and an additional 50,000 across the Rio Grande in Texas.
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Before the Mass, the pope is expected to ride to the border line and offer a prayer for migrants, including those fleeing war in the Middle East and escaping deadly street gangs in Central America.

Fausta Wertz, writing at Da TechGuy’s Blog, made an excellent point.

While actively entering the realm of politics, Pope Francis, however, is not speaking what needs to be said at the legislative chambers of any of the countries involved (except for the U.S.) simply because he would not be allowed.

Neither Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and definitely none of the Muslim countries people are fleeing are going to let anyone tell them that they must commit to and implement the rule of law, fight entrenched corruption, establish and strengthen legal and civic institutions that are needed for a civil society, and prioritize the inalienable rights of their citizens, such as property rights and freedom of assembly, religion and association. …

It would be impressive if the pope spoke in behalf of freedom to the rulers of countries making the lives of their citizens unbearable. Until then, there will be Mass at the border and photo-ops in Havana.

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Another opportunity wasted.